What To Wear Skiing On The Ski Slopes

Skiing is a fun activity that provides you with plenty of exercise and fresh air.

However, you need to dress right for skiing in order to avoid feeling cold, which can quickly turn your fun day out in the winter, to a miserable affair.

Dressing in layers to hit the slopes is ideal for those who want to enjoy the winter without feeling chilled to the bone.

Here are few tips on what to wear skiing on the ski slopes to keep yourself warm and still look good:

The Right Outerwear

What To Wear SkiingChoosing the correct outwear is extremely important to looking great and staying warm and comfortable on the slopes.

You will need both a ski jacket and ski pants to really be prepared for those long days on the slopes.

Choosing a bright color, like yellow ski pants and a matching jacket, will make it easy for those skiing with you to keep track of you.

Your ski pants and jackets should be:

  • Insulated
  • waterproof
  • Ski pants should be long enough to pull down over your ski boots and loose enough to allow you to move comfortably without binding
  • Ski jackets should be fitted so that they don’t ride up when you move arm and loose enough fitting to comfortably fit over your other clothing.

You also might want to consider investing in a nice warm neck gaiter, high quality ski gloves or mittens, ski goggles and a helmet.

Mid Layer Clothing

The mid layer of clothing for hitting the slopes is basically warm street clothing.

Many people wear jeans and a warm sweater under their outwear.

Fleece is always a good option for dressing in the winter, since it is both soft and incredibly warm.

Your mid layer clothing should fit comfortably, but not so snug as to impede movement.

Base Layer

The base layer of clothing is the clothing that you wear close to your body, and it should consist of a set of long underwear and a comfortable pair of ski socks.

When choosing long underwear, choose a material that will:

  • Wick water away from the body (this helps prevent chills)
  • Breathable
  • Fast drying
  • Form fitting (remember you will be adding two layers of clothing over your base layer so you don’t want anything too bulky)
Dress From the Inside Out

When dressing to hit the slopes, you need to dress from the inside out, putting on your base layer first, then your mid layer, and finally your outer wear.

Make sure each layer fits comfortably before adding the next layer, because there is nothing worse than getting on that third layer only to discover that the base layer keeps bunching and shifting.

If your base layer consists of two pieces, a shirt and long underwear bottoms, then try tucking the shirt in for a more comfortable fit.

Next put on your mid layer and move around a bit, to make sure that this layer fits comfortably and still allows you to move freely.

Then top it all off with insulated and waterproof outwear, again checking to make sure that you can move comfortably and easily.

Once you are dressed, then you are ready to hit the slopes and have a great time while remaining toasty warm!

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