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Welcome to The Review Squad, where we review REAL products that REAL people, just like you and me, are continually searching for online, and where we create real, genuine online product reviews and comparison charts to help you shop easier and safer on the internet.

We have people shopping for all kinds of items, big and small, and we look to help them out through carrying out detailed consumer research across the internet, on both the product and the company who make it, talking to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues who have purchased products online, and then creating high quality product reviews .

And the list we have is extensive, so there will be online product reviews added on a regular basis.

We have created a number of departments and categorized our reviews under their relevant department so that you can easily locate them:

And to see all of the product reviews we have, and help you to easily and quickly locate the product reviews that most interest you, we have created an easy to use A-Z Product Review Index.

We also provide helpful articles with tips and advice on our blog to help with your online shopping choices and to compliment our product reviews.

online product reviews can helpOnline shopping is huge now, and growing by the day. With so many choices of products and companies, it can be really hard sometimes to pick the right product for you.

Finding real, honest and ethical reviews can be difficult and can literally take hours. And even after spending all of that time, you can end up more confused than ever!

That is why I created The Review Squad and a dedicated team of researchers to help you get value for money when you shop online.

My background is Retail and IT, and because of that, I get a lot of friends, family and acquaintances asking me to do some detailed research for them on products they are thinking of buying online.

I know what a maze the internet can be, so I am always happy to help, and my 20 years plus experience in Retail and IT helps me to weed out the good products from the not so good ones.

Some of my family and friends, and a lot of people I interact with, have had bad experiences shopping online.

They have bought products that were not at all like the product they seen on a website, and when they tried to return it and get a refund, it turned into a nightmare.

In other cases, the customer service was appalling or non-existent, and when they had issues with their orders, they ended up pulling their hair out because of the lack of customer service.

All of this led to them wondering if it is really possible to shop safely online, buy reputable products from reputable companies, and the answer is yes, it is.

Carrying Out Due Diligence Before Shopping Online

Shopping online can be fun and exciting, but like everything, you have to do your due diligence before buying.

online product reviews using ipadYou need to make sure you know exactly what is being offered with a product you are thinking of buying, and know something about the company that make the product, especially given the current economic climate, where companies come and go at a rapid pace.

You have to have a general overview of what other people who have purchased the product thought about the whole experience, things like:

  • Were there any problems?
  • Did the product arrive in good condition?
  • Did it take forever to ship?
  • What was the customer service like?
  • Did the product meet with expectations?
  • Was the product that arrived different to what it looked like on the website?
  • Were there any issues with customer service?

And so on. When people have a bad experience shopping, they will generally voice it and leave a review reflecting what went wrong and how they felt about it.

Now some product review websites don’t want to tell you about any negative feedback that people left on shopping site, blogs, forums, or videos!


Because they don’t want it to put you off buying from them so they omit that information.

But that’s not what we do here. We include any negatives that we find anywhere on the internet and through all our other research, so that you can make an informed decision on whether to buy or not.

We want to give you HONEST product reviews always, and if after extensive research, we cannot find any reviews on a product, we will tell you that.

And on top of that, we MANUALLY create product comparison charts for some of our reviews by hand picking the best products we locate, following hours of dedicated research.


At the end of the day, the final decision to purchase something will always be down to you.

But we look to help make that decision easier for you, by providing you with detailed, thoroughly researched, high quality, honest and ethical in-depth online product reviews.


online shopping reviews with great customer serviceBecause customer service is very important to us and because YOU MATTER!

The product reviews you see on The Review Squad have been created by real people who love to shop online just as much as you do!

Here at The Review Squad, we will always be reviewing our previous product review articles and comparison tables.

And we will add new products to them as we see fit so that you have a better selection to choose from.

Plus we will let you know if any of our reviewed products are no longer available, and offer an alternative.

online product reviews that have got your back

We are all about customer service here at The Review Squad and we plan to go above and beyond to deliver you quality, well researched, in-depth online product reviews so that you can shop in comfort.

Remember, this is your website. We have created it for you, because YOU MATTER and we want you to be able to shop safely and wisely online.

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