Treasure Chest Toy Box Reviews

A treasure chest toy box is a wonderful way to help your child keep his room neat and organized.

Not only can a well made toy box serve as essential storage to keep all those toys off the floor, but when it looks like a treasure chest, it can be used for some imaginative play, giving the toy box a double function as well as adding a decorative touch to your child’s room.

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GuideCraft Pirate Collection Treasure Chest

treasure chest toy boxThe GuideCraft Pirate collection Treasure Chest is perfect for any nautical themed child’s room.

It is made by the GuideCraft company, which is a US based company dedicated to making juvenile furniture, games and toys that test the imagination.

Their Pirate treasure chest is a beautiful, hand carved and painted toy chest that is sure to add a bit of whimsy to any child’s room.

The GuideCraft Pirate Collection Treasure Chest is a simple hand carved toy box with the standard features one would expect in a piece of child’s furniture of this type.

These features include:

  • This treasure chest toy box is 20 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 32.5 inches long
  • Hand carved and painted, and the painting depicts a pirate ship on the front, maps on the side, and other intricate details that add a lot of decoration and whimsy to this toy box
  • Removable divides allow you and your child to customize this box
  • Safety hinges prevent small fingers from being pinched
  • Some assembly required

First Impressions

The GuideCraft Pirate Collection Treasure Chest is perfect for any nautical themed roomed, and best of all, GruideCraft also have a pirate table and chairs that can complete the look for your child’s room.

This treasure chest toy box seems a perfect size to hold most toys, and the brightly colored accents on this chest makes it a fun accent for any room.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The Pirate collection treasure chest toy box scores a little over average ratings, receiving solid feedback from customers.

However, with less than a dozen reviews across the internet having been written for this toy chest, it quite difficult to know just how well built this toy box is.

Here are some of the things reviewers liked about this toy box:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to rough play
  • Beautiful and creative art work

However, there were also some things that other reviewers did not like about this toy box, and those things were:

  • Missing hardware needed to put the box together
  • Wood splintering when you put in screws

Overall, while the majority of people loved this pirate themed treasure chest toy box, it does appear that there are some problems, both with packing this toy box for shipping, and placing the screws too close to the edge of the wood on a few of these toy boxes.

However, once put together, the GuideCraft toy box does appear to be both a sturdy and highly decorative addition to any child’s room.

It should be noted that some of the negative reviews state difficulty attaching the wheels, but there are no wheels pictured for this toy chest, nor any wheels described in the features.

In addition, other customers stated that there were no wheels on the storage box they received.

So a couple of the more negative reviews may not be for this item.

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Round Top Storage Chest By KidKraft

treasure chest toy boxThe Round Top Storage Chest by KidKraft looks just like a dark wood treasure chest.

It is made by KidKraft, a company that was established in 1968 for the sole purpose of making high quality wooden toys and furniture, that were sturdy enough for kids to use everyday, and designed to stimulate the imagination through play.

The Round Top storage chest by KidKraft is the perfect addition to any child’s room and has the following features:

  • Durable composite wood material
  • Specifically designed lid that provides for more storage
  • Side handles for easy moving
  • A front handle makes it easy to lift the lid
  • Pinch proof hinges to protect young fingers
  • Step by step easy to read assembly instructions
  • Dimensions are 20.5X31.5X8.8 inches

First Impressions

This treasure chest shaped toy box is modern looking, and designed to fit any child’s room regardless of the theme of the room.

While it is designed with children in mind, this round top storage chest would go equally well for extra storage of games in a family room, or even an adult bedroom, it is that good looking.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Unfortunately, there are not too many reviews for the Round Top Storage Chest on the internet at present.

The one that could be found was excellent, giving this product impressive positive feedback.

While one review may not be enough for most consumers to base a decision to buy on, it should be noted that other KidKraft products score quite high on reviews, at least showing that this company overall does indeed produce high quality products.

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KidKraft Austin Toy Box: Not Quite A “Treasure Chest” Toy Box

treasure chest toy boxThe Kidkraft Austin Toy Box offers parents and children a departure from the treasure chest toy box, as not every child wants a pirate or nautical themed room.

Still, small children need something to store those special toy treasures in, to keep them safe and their room neat, so the KidKraft Autin Toy Box seems like the perfect choice.

The Austin toy box is simply and stylishly made, but still has some features that both kids and parents can appreciate.

These features include:

  • Made from wood products
  • Measures 30” X 18” X19”
  • There is a wide variety of colors to choose from including; espresso, cherry, natural, pink, red, white, bubble gum, gray, honey and vanilla
  • Has safety hinges to protect small fingers from getting pinched, and once opened, the lid remains up, insuring that the lid won’t come crashing down on your child while they are fishing that toy out of the bottom of the toy box
  • When the box is closed this toy box doubles as a bench like seat for your child

First Impressions

It is difficult not to like the simplicity and functionality of this toy box, which is ideal if your child has a smaller room, as it doubles both as a toy box and as a seat that your child can use when reading their favorite books.

This toy box would also make a great seat/storage area for an entryway or even a family room.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Austin toy box are great with more recent reviews and feedback far better than older reviews.

It appears that this KidKraft toy box had some quality issues around 2010, which have since been resolved, as most of the more recent years reviews have been extremely positive over all.

A few of the latest reviewers did state that they wish the toy box was larger.

But other customers said that they found this toy box to be:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for small children with the safety hinge that stays open
  • Sturdy

While the Austin toy chest is not a treasure chest toy box, it meets the needs for those families who don’t need or want a treasure chest as part of their home décor.

When choosing one of these toy boxes, please take the time to look at all the different colors this toy box comes in, so that you can choose the color that best fits your home.

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