New York 3D Puzzle Reviews

For many people who love working jig saw puzzles, there comes a point in time when those flat 2 dimensional puzzles simply fail to offer them the challenge they crave.

When this happens, turning to an interesting New York 3D puzzle (or even 4 D puzzle) may be just what is needed to add interest and a bit of challenge to putting together a puzzle once more.

Here are some popular 3D puzzles for New York that can provide different levels of challenge:

Puzz 3D New York, New York Review
3D Chrysler Building Puzzle Review
Daron 3D Statue Of Liberty Puzzle Review
4D New York City Skyline Puzzle Review

Puzz 3D New York, New York

puzz new york 3d puzzleThe 3D New York, New York Puzzle is manufactured by Wrebbit, a company that offers a wide variety of various 3D puzzles, including the Empire State building, Taj Mahal, Victorian Mansion, as well as several buildings from the Lord of the Rings series.

For those who like puzzles, this New York, New York 3D puzzle has several nice features, that will offer you a bit of a challenge.

These features include:

  • The puzzle is of the New York skyline prior to 911
  • Consists of 3141 pieces
  • Included with the New York skyline puzzle pieces is a smaller puzzle, that must be sorted out from the main puzzle, and can be put together as a bonus
  • Completed, the Puzzle is 35” wide, 26 inches deep, and 21 ½ “ tall

First Impressions

This puzzle is not only a fun challenge for jig saw puzzle enthusiasts, but it is also a poignant reminder of what the New York skyline once looked like.

Once put together, it can serve as a touching reminder for those who wish to remember this great city prior to 911.

What The Reviews Have To Say

While there are only a handful of reviews for this New York skyline 3 D puzzle, the reviews that are available are excellent.

Most customers felt a very real sense of accomplishment when they completed this puzzle, which many confessed took them several weeks, a month, or even more.

Here are a few of the comments that reviewers left across the internet:

  • Had loads of fun working on it
  • Proved to be super challenging
  • Looks incredible when completed
  • A conversation starter when completed and displayed
  • Looks magnificent when displayed in the home or office

All in all, customers thoroughly enjoyed this New York 3D puzzle and would have no problem recommending it to others.

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3D Chrysler Building Puzzle

chrysler building new york 3d puzzleAlong with the many other puzzles offered by the Wrebbit company is the 3D Chrysler Building Puzzle.

This is a great puzzle for those who are new to working 3D puzzles, as it offers fewer pieces so that puzzle builders can get a sense of what putting together a 3 dimension puzzle is like.

The 3D Chrysler building puzzle has all the right features to make a somewhat challenging puzzle for those who have never put together a 3D puzzle before.

These features include:

  • 278 piece puzzle of the iconic Chrysler building located at Lexington Avenue and 422nd street in New York
  • A 55 piece free bonus puzzle of the Radiator building
  • Dimensions of the Chrysler building puzzles are 51/2” wide, 51/2 “ deep and 21 5/8” high

First Impressions

Getting two puzzles for the price of one should double the fun, and also gives first time 3D puzzle builders a small puzzle to work first to help build their confidence prior to tackling the larger Chrysler building puzzle.

This puzzle may also make for a great family project.

What The Reviews Have To Say

There are only a few reviews at present for the 3D Chrysler building puzzle, but these reviews indicate that this is a fun and interesting puzzle for jig saw enthusiasts.

It also makes a great gift and display for those interested in architecture.

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Daron 3D Statue Of Liberty Puzzle

statue of liberty new york 3d puzzleDaron’s 3D Puzzles are designed to scale and manufactured to look like the buildings and structures they represent.

The Daron 3D Statue of Liberty Puzzle is no exception, offering a scale size model of the historic statue.

The Daron Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle has several nice features that makes this a fun puzzle for both children and adults.

These features include:

  • Authentic details on the statue
  • 39 pieces makes this puzzle the perfect puzzle for those just beginning to discover 3D puzzles
  • Box includes historical information on the Statue

First Impressions

This Statue of Liberty puzzle would be a fun project for any child who is studying about the Statue of Liberty in school and would help to bring to the statue alive.

It also makes a great puzzle for any adult who loves New York, or who just loves jig saw puzzles in general.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Most customers liked this puzzle, with some adding that the completed puzzle was a lovely addition to other 3D puzzles they completed and collected.

Most customers felt that this puzzle made a nice inexpensive gift and was fun to put together and to display.

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4D New York City Skyline Puzzle

city skyline new york 4d puzzle4D Cityscape is a jig saw puzzle company that designs and manufactures 4D puzzles of different cities around the world.

These puzzles provide both fun and a challenge for those people who love jig saw puzzles, as well as an ongoing history lesson while you build your city from the ground up.

The 4th Dimension of these puzzles is a time line of the city, and by following the time line, you can actually watch the city grow before your eyes.

The 4D New York City Skyline is a fascinating puzzle that will give you some real insight into this famous American city.

Features of the 4D New York City Skyline include:

  • 700 piece puzzle that provides a real challenge to those who like jig saw puzzles
  • Glow in the dark streets makes the complete puzzle come to life
  • Skyscrapers are finely detailed
  • Gives users a 101 years of New York Architectural history while they have fun

First Impressions

The 4D New York City Skyline puzzle would make a great gift for anyone planning to visit this city, as after putting together this puzzle, you would have a much better idea of both the layout of the city itself, and it’s more iconic buildings.

It would also make a great gift for those who are familiar with the city itself and would like to know about how the city grew and developed.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the 4D New York City Skyline puzzle are great, with most consumers who purchased this puzzle finding it fun, challenging, and a true learning experience.

Some of the things customers specifically liked about this puzzle included:

  • The challenge of so many of the pieces being the same shape and size
  • The fact that puzzle looks great when it is completed
  • Fun adding the buildings according to time line and watching the city grow
  • Once put together it makes a terrific conversation piece

While most of the people loved the challenge of assembling this puzzle, a few people thought that the puzzle was a bit too challenging and difficult to put together.

However, overall, most people seemed to be up to the task and were thrilled when this puzzle was completed.

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