How To Use Coat Racks To Stay Clutter Free

how to use coat racksMost homes today lack adequate closet and storage space, and so clutter seems to gather in almost every room of the house.

However, having a few coat racks can help you keep your home more clutter free.

Here are some tips on how to use coat racks to help reduce that clutter:

Using Coat Racks In The Bathroom And Bedrooms

One way of decluttering your home is to use an over the door coat rack in your bathroom and bedroom.

These coat racks fit right over the door so they don’t take up wall space, but they give you a place to hang a variety of items.

In the bathroom, these coat racks are perfect for hanging bathrobes or towels.

In the bedroom a coat rack that fits over the door is the perfect place to hang hoodies, backpacks, jackets and nightgowns, leaving your bed, dressers, stands, and floor free of clutter.

In The Entry Way

A wall mounted coat rack placed in the entry way gives family and guests a ready place to hang their coats, keeping them off beds or other furniture, while saving space in those closets for other clothing items.

Many wall mounted coat racks double as décor, having artwork, carvings, shelves and mirrors attached to them.

For those families with small children, placing a bench under your wall mounted coat rack will give your child the space under the bench to line up their boots.

And the bench can also serve as a place to sit while those boots are put on, and store backpacks ready to put on once there are ready to walk out the door.

Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy

Smaller decorative coat racks can even be used in the kitchen to hold those aprons, dishtowels and hot pads, while adding a bit of interest to your kitchen décor.

Coat racks come in so many different styles and colors, and they are made from a variety of different materials, making it possible to find the best coat rack to meet your needs.

You can choose from materials as wood, wrought iron, or a combination of wood and stainless steel or other metals.

In addition, you can choose from coat racks that have hooks, pegs, and even rods that you place hangers on. The variety is practically endless.

Choosing A Coat Rack

When choosing the right coat rack for your home, decide what clutter problem the rack can solve.

Decide on the right size for your needs and the space you have, and then choose a rack that goes well with the décor of your home.

While coat racks won’t solve all your clutter problems, they can alleviate some of the problems, and leave your home looking neater and more spacious than ever before.

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