Folding High Chair Reviews

When camping or travelling, many parents of infants and toddlers miss having a high chair for their child at snack or meal time.

Finding a reasonably priced folding high chair that you can bring with you on your travels, or even that family picnic, can make feeding a small child easier and simpler for all concerned.

Here is a look at some of the more portable folding high chairs that are available for all you parents on the go:

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair (Sage) Review
Graco Contempo High Chair Forecaster Review
Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair Review
Evenflo Compact Folding High Chair Review

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair (Sage)

ciao baby folding high chairCiao! Baby is a portable high chair company that was started by two mothers who understand that not every mealtime is spent at home, and who sought to offer a solution to parents, that would allow them to feed their infants and toddlers in reasonable comfort while on the go.

The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair was their solution to an age old problem.

The Ciao! Baby portable high chair has all the right features someone would look for in a high chair that is portable enough to travel with them wherever they go.

These features include:

  • Made of sturdy canvas material that folds easily and fits into the accompanying carry bag
  • Lightweight, weighing only about 8 pounds
  • Designed for ages 3 months to 3 years
  • Dimensions 22” X 22” X 35”
  • Comes in colors sage, orange, black and chocolate ( the other colors are also sold on Amazon)

First Impressions

This high chair seems perfect for parents on the go.

This chair can be taken along to grandma’s house, when staying in hotels, and even on those family camping trips.

It even folds up like those canvas camping and beach chairs.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for this high chair are numerous and extremely positive.

Most customers find this high chair perfect for traveling or storing away when it is not needed.

Here are some of the things that customers like about the Ciao! Baby portable folding high chair:

  • Great for mobile families who love being outdoors
  • Sturdy and sits evenly on grassy areas
  • Good quality
  • Stores easily in a relatively small space

The one complaint that some customers have with this high chair is that the trays tends to tilt towards the child, which can result in food sliding onto the babies lap or on the chair itself.

But apart from that, customers really like this high chair and felt it was perfect for their needs.

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Graco Contempo High Chair Forecaster

graco folding high chairThe Graco company is popular for their infant car seats and strollers which are considered to be some of the highest quality car seats and strollers available today.

The Graco Contempo High Chair Forecaster is a folding high chair that has the same style and look as the Graco car seats and strollers.

The Graco Comtempo High chair forecaster has a lot of nice features that makes this portable high chair a pleasure to use.

These features include:

  • The chair comes assembled ready to use right out of the box
  • Folds small for easy storage
  • Offers 6 height positions
  • 3 incline positions
  • Machine washable seat pads
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions: 35” X 23” X 42”
  • Minimum weight limit 5 pounds, Maximum weight limit 40 pounds
  • 4 locking wheel
  • Convertible 3 or 5 point harness
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee

First Impressions

This high chair offers plenty of padding for your child’s comfort, while the wheels and folding function of this high chair makes it easy to move around the room or fold away when not in use.

The removable seat pads and feeding tray will help you keep this high chair clean and sanitary for your child.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Customers like the Graco Contempo folding high chair and reviews for this chair are quite good across the internet.

While there are a couple of complaints about the foot rest tipping back, and the size of the seat, most customers found this high chair a perfect match for their needs.

Some of their favorite features include:

  • The stability of the high chair
  • The attractiveness of the chair
  • Small snack table under the main food tray
  • Easy to fold one hand
  • Different height positions

This Graco high chair lives up to the same high standard as all of their other products and the majority of customers are really happy with it.

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Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

fisher price folding high chairFor most people, the name Fisher Price conjures up memories of colorful, sturdy, and well-loved toys from childhood.

While Fisher Price may have earned its reputation for the fun aspect of childhood, the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair shows that Fisher Price items can be functional as well as fun.

Fisher Price put a lot of thought into designing their EZ Clean folding high chair as you can see by the features of this chair, which include:

  • A space saving frame
  • Crevice free seat to make cleaning easier ( machine washable seat pad)
  • Easy clean 5 point resistant straps
  • Height and incline adjustable
  • Folds neatly for easy storage
  • One hand tray remove
  • Open frame design for wheels
  • Dimensions: 24.6” X 9.9” X 29.5”
  • 2 style color options: Luv U Zoo or Coco Sorbet

First Impressions

The Fisher Price EZ clean high chair is colorful and functional, and every bit reminiscent of other Fisher Price products.

The crevice free seat and the fact that the seat pad is machine washable, should make this high chair simple and easy to keep clean, no matter how messy that infant or toddler may be.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for this high chair are very positive, with customers finding a lot of features for the Fisher Price EZ clean high chair they really like, including:

  • Ease of assembly
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Choice of 2 designs
  • Light weight
  • Sturdiness

There does seem to be some dispute among customers as to the comfort of this high chair.

While a few customers felt that the T bar on this seat did not provide for enough room for their child to sit comfortably, other customers found no problem with the bar, and stated that even their larger child was comfortable in this chair.

Overall, this Fisher Price folding high chair make a positive impact on the majority of customers.

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Evenflo Compact Folding High Chair

evenflo folding high chairEighty five years ago, Evenflo began as a distributor of baby care products.

Today, this company offers a wide range of products to meet infant and toddler needs, including car seats, activity centers, and the Evenflo Compact Folding High Chair.

The Evenflo compact folding high chair has many features that make this high chair easy to store or take along when traveling.

These features include:

  • 100% easy to clean polyester material
  • Dishwasher safe tray insert
  • Folds for easy storage
  • 3 Tray positions
  • Dimensions: 28” X 24” X 41”

First Impressions

The Evenflo Compact folding high chair has a bright bold modern design, although it seems more suitable for girls than for boys.

However, since your child will be using this high chair mainly at snack and meal time, it’s doubtful that any little boy using this high chair is going to object to large flower designs or the pink tray.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Evenflo Compact high chair are very positive.

The main concern or complaint that customers have is that the cushions are not removable, so that they are spot clean only.

However, as several customers have noted, the material is extremely easy to clean with a sponge or damp rag, and seems resistant to stains.

Here are other features that customers took note of:

  • Folds flat making this high chair easy to store
  • Can unfold the high chair with only one hand
  • It is easy to clean you simply just wipe it down
  • The harness is only a 3 point harness not a 5 point harness, so it is only suitable for older infants and toddlers, not smaller babies

All in all, customers were quite pleased with the Evenflo high chair and found it well met their needs.

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