Eight O’Clock Colombian Peaks Whole Bean Coffee 40 Ounce Package Review

For over 150 years, the Eight O’Clock coffee company has been offering high quality coffee at extremely competitive prices to its customers.

During this time, the company has added new products, changed some of their packaging, but has always delivered the best possible coffee they can produce.

The Eight O’Clock Colombian Peaks Whole Bean Coffee 40 Ounce Package contains the same high quality coffee that Eight O’Clock coffee lovers have come to expect.

Features Of The Colombian Peaks Whole Bean Coffee Package

Eight O'Clock Colombian Peaks Whole Bean Coffee, 40-Ounce PackageThe key features of this 40 ounce coffee package include:

  • 100% Colombian coffee beans
  • Medium Roast
  • Coffee beans are grown in rich volcanic soil and cultivated at high altitudes
  • Coffee has winey notes and a rich aroma
  • Kosher certified

First Impressions

Eight O’Clock coffee seems to be an extremely popular brand of coffee, and it only stands to reason that this company would not still be in business 150 years after its inception if it wasn’t making a product that customers liked.

This company has many customers that purchase only their brand of coffee, which is pretty impressive in and of itself.

This Colombian Peaks Coffee does sell for a very attractive price.

What The Reviews Have To Say

It is clear from reading the reviews that customers are referring to several types of Eight O’Clock coffee, so sorting through the reviews to find those pertaining to only the Colombian Peaks Whole Bean Coffee took a bit of effort.

However, once that was done, it seems that there are plenty of customers who enjoy this coffee and rate it very highly.

Some of the comments that customers made regarding this coffee include:

  • Superior coffee for a very reasonable price. Some customers compare it favorably to Starbucks
  • Comes in a package that has a great vacuum seal, thus keeping it fresher for longer than many other brands
  • Customers also found this coffee is very aromatic, thus increasing their pleasure when enjoying this coffee
  • Great value for the amount of coffee you get

Some customers did feel that this coffee was somewhat bitter, and others found it somewhat weak.

As with any coffee, it is going to depend a great deal on your own personal taste.

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