When Can A Baby Use An Umbrella Stroller

baby in umbrella strollerUmbrella strollers are one of the best strollers to use for parents on the go.

They are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, convenient and fold up incredibly small, like an umbrella, making them the perfect strollers to use when you rely on public transportation.

This is why many consumers look for the best umbrella stroller for NYC or other large cities where public transport is the transport of choice.

However, umbrella strollers are not safe for newborn and infants, and it is important to know just what age your child should be in order to safely ride in this type of stroller.

Recommended Age

Most manufacturers of umbrella strollers recommend that these strollers should not be used for any infant under 6 months old.

This age is set by manufacturers because it is the average age when infants have sufficient strength to sit up and have some head and neck control.

This is important because although most umbrella strollers do have a reclining position, some of the models don’t recline enough to give most infants the support their small spines and necks need to avoid injury.

However, parents of individual babies are in the best position to decide when their baby has the physical ability to ride in an umbrella stroller safely.

Some infants may have no difficulty when they are as young as 4 months, while others may not be ready to sit up well until they are 7 or even 8 months old.

If you are not sure whether your infant is developmentally ready for this type of stroller, then seek your paediatricians opinion.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Remember, if you are unsure if your child is ready to use an umbrella stroller, then it is better to be safe than sorry, and wait until you are absolutely certain that your baby is ready.

While getting your child in an umbrella stroller makes life more convenient and easier for you and the rest of your family, a little inconvenience is less important than your baby’s health and safety.

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