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About The Review Squad

The Review Squad LogoThe Review Squad focuses solely on the customer, specifically the online customer, to help them make better and safer choices when shopping online.

The company was created in response to ongoing requests from online shoppers to help them assess the viability of the products they were thinking of buying, and the companies they were thinking of buying from.

As the number of requests grew considerably, the decision was taken to create an online resource that all potential customers could easily connect to, and find the information needed to make an informed purchase.

A tremendous amount of hard work and research goes into the creation of every single product review on the The Review Squad, so that online shoppers don’t have to waste endless hours trawling through several websites and hundreds of reviews, trying to work out if a product is right for them or not.

The Review Squad is all about honesty and ethics, and with that in mind, ALL relevant information is included in every single review, including the good, and the not so good, so that shoppers have the complete picture before buying.

I work with a wonderful team of people, who are as passionate about customer service as I am.

And they share my vision of creating an ethical product review website that will enhance the shopping experience for all online customers.

My team is based in the United States, and puts a tremendous amount of work into creating real product reviews with real and honest information.

The team put a lot of hours into each product review, as they carry out extensive research across the entire internet to find out what people who purchased the product really thought of it.

This information is included in every review, as we leave nothing out.

If we find any type of negative feedback, unlike most product review sites, we leave nothing out.

You have to have all of the facts in order to make an informed decision to purchase.

The team will continually grow and expand across countries and continents as the company grows.

And the volume of products and companies we review will expand and grow as well, as we look to make online shopping a more pleasant experience for all customers.

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The Review Squad Team

Jon Caserta

Jon Caserta is the owner of The Review Squad. Jon’s background in automotive and mechanical engineering brings a unique perspective  to the Squad. Jon is an avid online shopper who is frequently asked for help researching products by friends and family, like Mary (more on her below).  Jon’s interests include cars and technology.

Jon believes that the Review Squad is an important resource for internet shoppers who are looking for well written, unbiased articles to help them make a decision on what products best suit their needs.

You can read more on Jon’s car racing exploits on his racing blog and autocross guide.

Tory Caserta

Tory Caserta is a frequent contributor to the Squad. Tory’s background is in e-commerce, and she’s also an frequent online shopper. Tory has a wide range of hobbies including cooking, sewing, and decorating, and is excited to share her research and experience finding the best products for the best value.

Mary Yates

Mary Yates is our resident Expert Chef! Dedicated to her passion of cooking, Mary is excited to share her expertise in the kitchen with you, including ways you can eat healthier and spend less money. She passionately believes that everyone should have the opportunity to eat 3- to 5-star meals at home without the expense of going out.

Mary Ruddy

Mary Ruddy launched The Review Squad and is a key contributor to the site. Mary’s strong research skills and background in IT and commerce, with a focus on customer service, drove her to launch the site after frequently being approached for input by friends and family when they were purchasing products online. Her drive to deliver high quality product reviews for online shoppers is still the force behind the Review Squad today.

Scooter the Corgi

Scooter is our canine correspondent. Scooter’s favorite hobbies include evaluating the best doggie treats available, reviewing the quality and health benefits of various dog beds, and assisting Tory with her reviews of anything cooking related. He is currently engaged in a wicked battle with the Neato vacuum to see if he can’t destroy it with his fur, while also attempting to overcome the fearsome FURminator.