Tips For Completing A Fantastic Paint By Number Picture

paint by number kits for adultsIf you are looking for a fairly inexpensive and relaxing hobby, then painting just may be the ideal hobby to try.

You don’t have to be an artist or even take an art class to create beautiful looking paintings, as there are many paint by number kits for adults that you can purchase and paint, and then use to decorate your home or give as gifts.

Of course, you are going to want your paint by number pictures to come out looking as close to a professional painting as possible, so here are some tips that will help you do a fantastic job with that paint by number picture:

Equipment You Will Need Or Want To Help Perfect Your Painting (Not Included In Kits)

While most paint by number kits are considered all inclusive as far as the materials you will need to complete the picture, this really isn’t the case.

To do the best job possible, you are going to want to assemble the following additional equipment:

  • Several Sizes Of High Quality Artists Paint Brushes: While most kits come with one or two brushes for you use, these brushes are far from the highest quality. In addition, since paint by number kits normally have both large and small sections to paint, you are going to want a brush the right size to accommodate all size areas that need painting.
  • Cup For Clean, Clear Water: You are also going to want to have a cup that you can keep clean water in for washing out your brush while you are painting. You can use a paper cup and replace it each time you paint, or you can use any old cup that can be washed and reused for this purpose.
  • Rag for Cleaning Brushes: You are also going to want a rag you can use to wipe your brushes off after rinsing them in the clean water, to ensure that you get all the paint out of the brush prior to dipping your brush into a new color.
  • Plate For Mixing Paint: You can use an old saucer or purchase an inexpensive plastic paint palate for mixing paint colors.
  • Magnifying Glass: Even if you have perfect eyesight, there are some sections of adult painting kits that are extremely small. Having a magnifying glass will help you to read the proper number for colors, and help you see the outline of the section as well.
  • An Easel: While not essential, having an easel to set your painting on while working on it can make it easier for you to paint. An easel will also allow you to attach a light to better see the sections of your painting.

Now that you know what extra equipment will help you achieve a more professional looking painting, here are some tips that will help you to paint your best:

Paint In A Well Lighted Room

You are also going to want to paint in a well lit room. If possible, natural sunlight is the best, but you do want to make sure that there is plenty of light to see your painting well.
The more light you have, the better the chance you will have of not making a mistake.

Paint One Color At A Time

You are going to want to paint one color at a time wherever that color appears on the picture.

Paint the larger areas first, allow them to dry, and then paint the smaller areas, and again, allow the picture to dry before moving on to the next color.

Don’t Fill Your Brush With Paint

Don’t fill your entire brush with paint.

Instead dip the tip up to about 1/3 of bristles in the paint and then allow the brush to glide over the painting rather dragging it.

If you put too much paint on the brush and flatten it on the painting, you are more likely to go over the border and smear the paint.

Clean Your Brushes Often

Use your cup of clean water to clean your paint brushes often, and use the rag to ensure you have removed all of one color of paint before using the next color.

You always want to wash your brushes well at the end of each painting session to keep them in good shape, and to make sure that your brushes are ready for the next session.

Be Patient

To do a great job on a paint by number painting you need to be patient.

As your painting begins to come to life, it is only natural that you will want to complete your painting to see the end result.

However, keep in mind that rushing to complete your painting can result in mistakes that may be difficult to fix.

Just be patient and take your time.

Choose An Appropriate Frame

Once your painting is complete, you will want to choose an appropriate frame for your work of art.

A nice quality frame will set off your painting to the best advantage.

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