On the Edge Folding Wagon Reviews

Easy Go Wagons is a one product company, but the product they make, they make exceedingly well, by putting all of their attention into creating the most convenient and functional on the edge folding wagon possible.

Their On The Edge Folding Wagon is hugely popular with customers,

Here is a look at these folding utility wagons, starting with their overall features:

Features Of The Easy Go On The Edge Folding Wagon

  • Large wheel base makes it sturdier and safer, preventing the wagon from tipping
  • Made of sturdy stain resistant material
  • Wagon itself is light weight, weighing only 31 pounds
  • Can hold up to 120 pounds
  • Folds up to 1/8th of its size (about the size of a medium suitcase) for easy and convenient storage
  • Opened up, this wagon has two main compartments, one large enough to haul produce, children, or all that beach paraphernalia
  • Small additional compartments so you can tuck away additional items
  • Even has cup holders
  • Long handles for easy pulling
  • The shade cover goes over the large compartment and it can be removed when not needed

Red Easy Go Wagon

red easy go on the edge folding wagon

The Red Easy Go Wagon is bright and colorful and easy to keep track of in a crowd.

Not only is it perfect for hauling all kinds of produce and other items, it is also great for taking your children for a walk.

Judging from reviews, although all the Easy Go folding Wagons have the same basic features, the red wagon is the most popular.

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Black Easy Go Wagon

black easy go on the edge folding wagon

The Black Easy Go Wagon has the same features as both the red and blue wagon with the exception that it is a different color.

It’s a beautiful wagon and it can be used for so many different things that it may be your go to utility wagon.

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Blue Easy Go Wagon

blue easy go on the edge folding wagon

The Blue Easy Go Wagon also comes in bright blue, and this blue wagon is as easy on the eye as it is convenient and useful.

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First Impressions

It would be difficult not to be impressed with this wagon. Not only does it have tons of room which any gardener, shopper, or parent can appreciate, it also folds up into a extremely small compact size, making it a great option for people who have limited storage space.

This folding utility wagon folds up small enough to fit into a closet if need be.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Taking the reviews for these wagons altogether, it is clear that customers who purchased this folding wagon feel that it meets all of their needs, as the ratings are just about as good as they can get.

Customers really like this utility wagon and use it for:

  • Giving their children rides around the neighborhood
  • Picking up produce at the Farmers Market
  • Moving groceries from the car to the house
  • Taking care of their yard and garden
  • Going to the beach

Customers even find that their small children can nap in this wagon when at the beach, as the shade cover provides ample shade to protect their sleeping child from the sun’s rays.

While there are plenty of folding utility wagons available, this wagon seems to truly have it all, plenty of space, great design, durability, and the ability to fit into small places when not in use.

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