How To Shave Your Head Smooth And Get That Sexy Bald Headed Look

man shaving headMany women find completely bald headed men sexy and for that reason alone, many men decide at one time or another in their lives to shave their heads completely bald.

However, removing all the hair from your head for the first time can be a nerve wracking ordeal, unless you have some tips on how to accomplish your goal in the easiest manner possible.

Here are some tips on how to shave your head smooth and advice on how to make the entire process easier:

Start With The Right Equipment

In order to get the smoothest sexiest bald head possible, you need to start with the right tools.

These tools should include:

  • A pair of good hair clippers to cut your hair down to short stubble prior to shaving
  • Find one of the best head shavers for men that are available
  • Hot water and a nice size hand towel
  • Shaving lubricant (shaving oil or gel is preferred)
  • After shave that can soothe any irritation (one with Aloe Vera can be extremely soothing)

Step One: Clip Your hair

Begin by clipping your hair into the shortest stubble possible without cutting your scalp.

It doesn’t have to be even, but the shorter your hair is before shaving your head, the closer you will be able to shave.

Step Two: Wet Your Hair And Scalp Well

Once you have clipped your hair, then you are going to wet your head and then place a hot wet towel on it for at least two minutes.

The hot water will soften your hair and helps to reduce the chances of razor bumps or ingrown hairs from shaving.

Step Three: Lubricate Your Hair And Scalp Well

Once you have wet your scalp and opened the pores, you are going to want to lubricate your hair and scalp well.

Use a shaving oil or gel and work it into your scalp well.

This will keep your head shaver from dragging and give you a closer, cleaner shave without too much irritation.

Step Four: Shave Your Head With The Grain

Now you are going to want to shave your head with the grain (the way your hair grows).

When shaving your head, use slow, long, smooth strokes, and don’t shave the same area more than once unless absolutely necessary, as the more times you go over your scalp, the greater chance you will have of irritating your scalp and getting ingrown hairs.

Step Five: After Shaving Head Care

Once you have completed shaving your head, rinse it first with warm water to remove all the loose hair from your scalp, and then with cool water to close the pores.

If your scalp feels irritated (some men have sensitive scalps), then use an after shave lotion that contains ingredients like Aloe Vera to soothe the irritation and leave your scalp feeling good.

By following these few simple tips for shaving your head, you should end up with that sexy bald look that you want, with little or no irritation or annoying shave bumps.

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