How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee

man learning how to make a great cup of coffeeThere are literally billions of coffee drinkers in the world.

In fact, coffee is the second largest commodity sold in the world today!

Which means that there are a lot of people making coffee every day, and every hour of the day.

Unfortunately, many coffee drinkers often settle for less than a great cup of coffee on a regular basis.

If you long to learn how to make a great cup of coffee in your home, then here are some tips that will help:

Start With The Right Coffee Beans

While some people prefer a mild coffee flavor, and others prefer more robust coffee, getting a great cup of coffee all comes down to the same thing, buying the best tasting coffee beans possible.

This may mean that you may have to go through some trial and error to find the right coffee beans to suit your taste.

But, the effort will be well worth it when you arise each morning knowing you can look forward to a great cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that best tasting coffee comes from beans that are purchased as soon after they are roasted as possible.

In addition, the fresher the grind, the better tasting your coffee is going to be.

Keep Your Coffee Pot Clean

Let’s face it, a clean coffee pot simply makes a better tasting cup of coffee than one that has oil from past coffee making processes.

When you begin with a clean coffee pot, you get the fresh taste of the freshly roasted and ground coffee beans.

How Water Affects Taste

Most people simply don’t stop to consider that the water you use can greatly affect the taste of your coffee.

Some water contains minerals that will give the water a metallic taste.

Others give off a slight sulfur or chlorine taste, and these tastes will affect the overall taste of your coffee.

Cold filtered water tends to make the best coffee (distilled water really makes a poor cup of coffee).

Don’t Use Bleached Coffee Filters

If your coffee pot requires a coffee filter, use one.

However, use a brown unbleached coffee filter rather than a white coffee filter, as the bleaching process used to produce white coffee filters will also affect the taste of your coffee.

If you follow these few tips, you should soon find yourself enjoying a great tasting cup of coffee on a regular basis.

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