How To Enhance And Grow Your Figurine Collection

figurine collectionCollecting figurines to display in your home can be a fun and interesting hobby.

In addition, figurines add interest, texture, and color to any room of your home.

Best of all, collecting figurines gives guests to your home an insight into your personality.

Wide Variety Of Figurines To Choose From

The first thing you will notice when you start to collect those figurines, is that there are a wide variety of figurines to choose from.

Bird lovers can choose from an assortment of beautiful bird statues including song birds, chickens, and even owl figurines.

Other people enjoy collecting figurines of frogs or different breeds of dogs or cats.

A lot of people enjoy collecting statues of humans in various professions.

Regardless of where your interest lies, be it nature, people, pets, or even fantasy figures such as elves, wizards, unicorns or dragons, there is a collection waiting for you.

Why People Collect Figurines

There are probably as many reasons why people collect figurines as there are people who collect these miniature statues.

Some people simply collect a few in order to fill empty spaces on shelves or their mantle.

Others start collections out of interest in the type of figurines that they collect, while still others simply find collecting small figures a great way to add to their décor without breaking the bank.

While some people go all out and spend hundreds of dollars per piece on their collections, others enjoy inexpensive, but well-made pieces.

Figurines Make Great Gifts

One of the best things about figurines is that they make great gifts for just about anyone on your shopping list.

Everyone has something they enjoy, and finding the right figurine to match each person’s interest, can be both fun and exciting.

A person who likes to travel or at least dreams of doing so, will love figurines of some of the great buildings they would someday like to see, such as a pyramid, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower.

People with an interest in sea going vessels would be thrilled with a figurine of an 18th century whaling ship or a old fashioned sailing ship.

Horse lovers will be enamored with a beautiful statuette of a Palomino, Clydesdale or Arabian.

And most little girls would be thrilled with a collection of ballerinas or fairies to display in their room.

Many people continue to collect figurines for years and enjoy looking for and receiving new pieces for their collection.

Such collections make wonderful gifts to pass on to future generation as well.

Some of these collections continue on for three or four generations, giving each generation not only enjoyment, but also giving each person who owns and adds to the collection, a feeling of being a part of history.

Regardless of why you collect those miniature statues, having a figurine collection can be both fun and exciting, as well as adding that extra little touch to your home décor.

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