Why Students Personalize Their Lockers

It can be quite difficult for the average student to stand apart from the crowd and be their own person.

School dress codes and rules, peer pressure, and the simple fact that children are in an educational system that necessitates treating all students alike, tends to strip children of their individuality for a good portion of the day.

Like all people, children need to find a permission way to express their individuality within the framework of the school’s parameters, which is why many students find satisfaction in personalizing their lockers.

How Students Personalize Their Lockers

dry erase board school locker decorationsStudents find a variety of ways to personalize their lockers.

Some to choose cute locker decorations while others prefer to make their own, and still others simply tape pictures of friends and their favorite celebrities to the inside of their lockers.

Allowing students to decorate and personalize their lockers gives them an acceptable way to express their individuality in an manner that is both acceptable and attractive.

Some students prefer simple decorations, such as a bit of carpeting and a splash of color here and there.

Others prefer to deck out their lockers with pictures, carpeting, erase boards and whatever strikes their fancy.

Why Students Choose To Personalize Their Lockers

The reason why many students go to the expense and trouble of personalizing their locker is because this small personal space seems like an oasis in a building where they spend so much of their day.

Students spend 8 or more hours a day in school, sharing the building, each classroom, and often their desks with other students.

Having their own private space allows them to feel more at home in the school setting.

While schools do have some rules regarding what kind of decorations students can put up in their lockers, these rules rarely interfere with most students need for self expression.