Why Choose A Single Speed Bike

firmstrong beach cruiser bikes for womenThere was a time in the not to distant past when any adult caught riding one of those “uncool” pansy bearing single speed bikes was looked on with amused disdain, while all those with multi-geared bikes wondered why anyone would choose to ride a bike that was less attractive and efficient than those top of line models.

However, times have changed, and now single speed bikes, like those sharp looking beach cruiser bikes for women, are regaining popularity.

But why choose a single speed bike over the fancier options?

Here are just a few reasons why many people are now choosing to ride a single speed bike:


One of the most compelling reasons why more and more people are choosing single speed bikes is their budget.

A really good multi-speed bike can cost a thousand dollars or more just to purchase, and then maintenance on their bike only adds to the expense.

People who are looking for a bike that’s within budgetary restrictions, find that when purchasing a single speed bike, they simply get more bang for their buck and have lower maintenance costs.

Lighter Weight

Another reason many people choose a single speed bike is because these bikes are lighter than multi-speed bikes because they have less gears to weigh that bike down.

This can be especially important if you are a slighter build person and want to take your bike with you when you go on vacation or try out new places to bike.

Easier To Maintain

Another reason why single speed bikes are increasing in popularity is that they are extremely easy to maintain.

Multi-speed bikes can get dirt, sand, and mud into their gears and require replacement.

In many cases, you need a professional to do repairs instead of being able to do them yourself, which also can mean that you may be without your bike for several days or even weeks.

Better Exercise

For people who take up riding a bicycle to get exercise, choosing a single speed bike is the ideal choice.

Since the bike runs entirely by your own power, you burn more calories and firm up your leg muscles.

Bike riding is actually a great form of low impact exercise.

Pure Nostalgia

Another reason that some people choose to own a single speed bike is pure nostalgia.

They remember how much fun that first real two wheeled bike was to own and ride.

Returning to those feelings of childhood as adults, helps some people stay young, and even adds some excitement to their lives.

The pleasure of getting out in the fresh air and enjoying one of the more simple things in life has a powerful attraction for most people.

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