What Is A Best Friend

Best Friend Picture Frame From SixtreesEveryone has their own ideas of what makes up a friend, but most people would agree that to be “best friend” material you need to have a few special characteristics.

So we thought it would nice to answer the question what is a best friend an present a list of those traits that people find necessary or at least desirable in a best friend:

1. A Best Friend Is Someone That You Can Completely Be Yourself With

We all spend a lot of time putting on different faces in different situations.

That can-do attitude at work, even if you don’t have the slightest idea what is really going on.

The always smiling store clerk, or waitress, the have it all together person in front of co-workers, strangers and in-laws.

But sometimes, we just need to be ourselves and let our insecurities or dark side show, and a best friend knows this and allows you, and even encourages you, to express all sides of your personality, and loves you anyway.

2. A Best Friend Is Brutally Honest With You Without Being Offensive

They tell you when you look fat in that dress, or when that beard makes you look baby faced, and all in the nicest way possible.

They don’t let you fool yourself into thinking that a relationship is going to work, but stand by you when you continue with it anyway.

More importantly, a best friend doesn’t say “ I told you so” when it all falls apart, but simply lets you rant, or cry your way through the heartache.

3. A Best Friend Listens To Your Dreams And Encourages You To Reach For Them, And Even Helps You If He Or She Can

And they show their enthusiasm for all your efforts to reach your goals and shares your disappointments along the way.

4. A Best Friend Knows When To Let You Lean On Them And When To Encourage You To Stand On Your Own Two Feet

They encourage you to be strong and lets you know that they are there by your side when you need to show there is strength in numbers.

5. A Best Friend Treats You With Respect

They never put you down even in a joking manner, nor do they talk about you behind your back.

They find ways to help you find solutions to your problems, instead of creating more problems for you.

6. A Best Friend Is There In Person Or In Spirit For All The Good And The Bad Times

They will take your call at 3 in the morning, even when they have to be at work for 6am.

And they will rush to your side in times of crisis, and will be there with you to share your joy.

7. A Best Friend Loves You When You Are Joyous, Happy, Sad, And Downright Mean

They will do what they can to make you laugh when you feel like crying, and cry with you at that tear-jerker old movie.

They will even try to reason with you when you are being very unreasonable.

8. A Best Friend Is The Sister Or Brother You Would Choose For Yourself If You Could Choose Your Relatives

They aren’t someone who is perfect, but they are perfect in all the ways that really matter to you.

If you have a best friend that has some or all of these qualities, then treasure them with all your heart and count yourself lucky.

Always make sure to take the time to show them how much they mean to you.

Be spontaneuous! Surprise your best friend with a gift they will appreciate as a token of how you feel and how much they mean to you, without expecting anything in return.

Tell them how you feel about them every now and then.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and the drama going on all around us, that we never stop for a moment to tell the most important people in our lives how much we appreciate them.

If you haven’t told your best friend in a while how much they mean to you, and how much you truly value their friendship, then take some time today to do that.

Don’t put it off until some other day, because that day may never come.