Types Of Bike Racks

nirve beach cruisers for womenBicycles are handy forms of inexpensive transportation, not to mention fun to ride, and even a great way to take part in some sporting events.

For this reason, bikes have become very popular here in the United States and in most parts of the world, making it necessary for a variety of bike racks to be designed and manufactured in order to display, store, transport and keep bikes orderly and safe, both in public and at home.

Here is a look at the various types of bike racks that are available both for commercial and home use:

Bike Racks For Home Storage

Most people prefer to keep their bikes inside of their garage, basement, shed, or apartment where they live, in order to protect it from the elements and from would be thieves.

There are several different types of bike racks for garage that can keep your bike up out of the way, leaving plenty of space in that garage or shed for moving about and storing other things.

Various types of home storage bike racks include:

  • Wall bike racks both vertical and horizontal
  • Pole bike racks
  • Pulley and hoist bike racks

Bike Racks For Store Display And Storage

Stores that sells bicycles also need to utilize bike racks both for display and in their warehouse.

Display bike racks are normally made out of wood or aluminum and may display one bike or several.

These racks are designed to hold different sizes and frame styles of bikes in an upright position, so that potential buyers can look over the bike and its features.

When storing a large number of bikes, stores use a commercial bike rack made especially to store bikes one on top of the other in order to conserve space in the warehouse.

Bike Racks For Transporting Bikes

When people travel, they often like to travel with their bikes so that they can use their bike once they arrive at their destination.

However, most people want to ensure that their bike is transported safely.

So a number of bike manufacturers have designed bike racks for the transportation of bicycles, both for private and public transport.

Here is a look at some of the racks designed for the transporting of bikes:

Private Transportation

There are a number of different types of bike racks designed so that you can transport your bike using your own private vehicle.

Different types of bike racks for cars and other vehicles include:

  • Roof Mounted Bike Racks: This type of bike rack usually is used in conjunction with an already attached car rack used for luggage. They normally transport your bike in a standing position and use bars and straps to hold your bike firmly in place.
  • Hitch Mounted Bike Racks: Hitch mounted bike racks are designed to be used with vehicles that already have a hitch to pull trailers and campers attached to the automobile and mount right on to the hitch.
  • Spare Tire Mounted Bike Racks: Spare tire mounted bike racks are designed to fit over those spare tires that are carried on the outside of the vehicle (not the spare tire you keep in the trunk). They utilize the area already being taken up by the spare tire and are easy to attach and use.
  • Trunk Mounted Bike Racks: Trunk mounted bike racks are for those people who do not have a roof top carrier, outside spare tire, or hitch. These bike racks usually fit onto your trunk and are easy to put on and take off, so that you can get into your trunk quickly and easily.
  • Truck Bed Bike Racks: Many people drive pickup trucks, and while you simply throw your bike into the trunk bed, it makes more sense to keep your bike and your truck bed from being scratched by installing a truck bed bike rack. These racks can be designed much like a street rack, or they can be designed so that you removed the wheels from your bike and set the fork of the bikes inside a grooved area.

Public Transport Bike Racks

More and more people are combining riding their bike and using public transport.

So bike rack manufacturers have designed a variety of different bike racks to be used in conjunction with various modes of public transportation.

Buses use a special front mounted bike rack to transport the bikes of paying customers and this rack normally holds only a couple of bikes .

These racks can normally be used free with a paying fare and are given out on a first come basis.

Ferries were one of the first modes of public transportation to include bike racks for people transporting their bikes by ferry.

Many of these bike racks look much like sidewalk bike racks and they are attached right to the deck of the ferry.

Sidewalk Bike Racks For Public Use

With the growing number of people using bikes as a means of transportation, sidewalk bike racks have popped up all over the place, including outside corporate buildings, parks, high schools and colleges, and even downtown shopping areas and malls.

These bike racks consist of various designed metal racks with upright metal posts that you slide the front wheel of your bike through.

Most of these sidewalk bike racks also include a place to attach a bike chain and lock, so that you can prevent your bike from being stolen while you are at work, in class, or simply shopping or swimming.

The growth of the popularity of bikes for recreation and transport has spurned a growing variety of bike racks to meet the needs of those who ride bikes.