What Features Should You Look For In A Toy Box For Small Children

child with toy boxIf you want your child to learn to take care of their things at an early age, you need to give them the proper tools for them to easily accomplish that goal.

A toy box is one of those important tools in helping your child to keep their toys together and off the floor of their room.

However, if you want your child to use that box on a regular basis, then you may want to consider what features that toy box will need to have in order to help you and your child accomplish your goals.

Here are few must have features for a toy box for small children.

Appealing Design

If you want your child to actually want to put his or her toys in their toy box, then look for a box with an appealing design.

A treasure chest toy box is a good choice, as children often feel that their toys are special treasures and therefore should be kept in a special place, and what better place than a realistic treasure chest?

Other ideas for toy box designs often include those cute boxes that double as a seat or a bench for your child, and one that is personalized just for them.

Quality Build

Anyone who has ever had a toddler knows that these little people can play rough and tough, and the furniture that they use needs to be at least as rough and tough as your toddler is.

Expect your toddler to over fill that toy box, use it for a jumping off and climbing onto place and you will understand just how important it is to make sure that the toy box your choose is going to be able to withstand everything a toddler can throw at it, literally and figuratively!

Safety Hinges

If you have a toy box with a lid, then safety hinges on that lid is a must.

Safety hinges either keep the lid open until your child closes it, or slowly closes, thus protecting not only those little fingers from getting pinched between the edge of the toy box and the lid, but also prevents the lid from slamming down on your child while they are getting toys out of the toy box.

All it takes is one knock on the head, or a pinched finger, and your child will be reluctant to ever use that toy box again.


You don’t want to pay an arm or a leg for a toy box that your child will outgrow, so choosing a toy box that you can afford is something you will need to consider.

However, remember, if you purchase a high quality toy box that will last for years, you can always give that toy box a new coat of paint, and you or your child can use it for extra storage once they have outgrown those toys.

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