Tips For Choosing A Toaster

best 2 slice bagel toaster from proctor silexWe’ve come a long way from when our ancestors prepared toasted bread over an open fire using a simple stick.

Today, toasters come in all shapes and sizes and have a number of features that make these simple appliances far from simple.

While some people want a toaster that has all the latest technological advances, others simply want an appliance that just toasts their bread to golden crunchy perfection.

So here are a few tips on choosing the right toaster to meet your needs:

What Are Your Expectations

Whether you are looking for the best 2 slice toaster or something larger, like a 4 or even 6 slice toaster, the first thing you are going to want to do is determine exactly what you expect that toaster to do.

For example, do you simply want a toaster that can toast that store bought bread to perfection?

Or do you something that can do justice to those English muffins, bagels, and even those thick slices of homemade bread?

You also need to determine if everyone in your family likes their bread toasted to the same degree, or if some members like darker or lighter toast.

If different family members want toast of different darkness, then you are going to want a toaster that has easy to adjust darkness levels.

You may also want a toaster that can be adjusted so it just toasts the sliced side of a bagel while warming the rounded side, rather than one that toasts both the inside and outside of your bagel.

You also need to ask yourself if you want a toaster that beeps to let you know when your toast is done.

This isn’t a feature that most people look for, but it does come in handy for others.

Consider Ease Of Cleaning

You might want to consider just how easy a toaster will be to clean.

A toaster that stays cool on the outside will save you the aggravation of getting that plastic bread wrapper too close and then trying to scrub off all the melted plastic on the side of your toaster.

You also may want a crumb tray that easily slides out so it can be emptied, instead of those trap doors that require you to unplug your toaster and carry the entire toaster to the garbage can where you then have to hold the toaster with one hand while releasing the door and cleaning the crumbs with the other hand.

Staying Within Your Budget

Some people find it difficult not to feel the urge to keep up with the Joneses and this often encourage them to overspend on various items.  However, if you really want a toaster you are going to be happy with, then staying within your budget will result in more satisfaction.

If you can only afford a $25.00 or $35.00 toaster and end up buying a $100.00 toaster because your neighbor is bragging about theirs, then you are bound to be extremely dissatisfied with your purchase, because no matter how much a toaster may cost, in the end it simply is a one trick pony – it toasts bread products, nothing more.

So take your time, read the reviews, choose a company you trust, and buy the best toaster your budget will allow.