Starbucks Yukon Blend Organic Whole Bean Coffee Review

About 40 years ago, Starbucks began as a single coffee shop, and today there is a Starbucks in almost every major city in the United States.

Customers spend hundreds of dollars a year on cups of coffee from this gourmet coffee chain.

People love Starbucks coffee so much, they want to drink it at home, and so Starbucks have met this demand by selling their special coffee blends to consumers nationwide.

The Starbucks Yukon Blend Organic Whole Bean Coffee is one of this company’s most sought after blends.

Features Of Starbucks Yukon Blend Organic Whole Bean Coffee

starbucks yukon blend organic whole bean coffeeHere are the key features of this very special Organic Yukon Blend Whole Bean Coffee from Starbucks:

  • A medium roast coffee with deep earthy tones
  • Made from Latin American and Sumatran Coffee Beans
  • A hearty and rugged flavor
  • Rich aroma
  • Organic
  • Comes in a 1lb bag

First Impressions

This Starbucks Yukon Blend Coffee comes in very attractive packaging, and offers a lovely medium organic whole bean coffee, with full bodied flavor.

What The Reviews Have To Say

If you have never tried Starbucks Organic Yukon Blend Whole Bean Coffee before, you may want to know a little bit more regarding this coffee’s profile, and who can tell you better than the customers who purchase this coffee.

So we have pulled from the reviews the different comments customers have made regarding this coffee, in the hope of giving you a somewhat clearer picture of what people experience from this blend.

Customers state that the first thing they notice when they open their package of Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee is the wonderful fresh and intense aroma of this coffee.

This aroma fills the air when the coffee is ground and brewed, making them impatient for their very first sip of fresh coffee.

The taste doesn’t disappoint, with customers describing it as a medium, rich coffee, with a slightly sweet taste and a hint of chocolate, caramel and smoky flavor.

They also mention that this coffee is extremely well rounded and incredibly smooth tasting, with no jarring aftertaste.

For those of you who are Starbucks fans, this Yukon Blend Organic Coffee is just one more great Starbucks coffee to try.

And for those of you who have never tasted a cup of Starbucks coffee, most customers agree that this is an excellent blend to start your Starbucks experience with.

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