Sony KDL-60R520 1080p 120Hz Internet LED TV Review

The Sony KDL-60R520 1080p 120 Hz Internet LED TV is one large television, with a large set of useful features, and a large, but reasonable price, which makes deciding whether or not to purchase this television an important decision for most households.

This review is designed to give you the information you need, to decide whether or not this is a high quality television worth the investment of your money.

What You Should Know About The Sony Corporation

When purchasing any big ticket item, it is always a good thing to know something about the company behind the item you are purchasing, and the overall quality of the products they produce.

Although the Sony Corporation began as a small and rather humble company shortly after the end of WWII, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment.

It was this company that produced the very first transistor radio, and since that time, has become one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world.

Sony’s entertainment products are sought after all around the world, and this company has earned a reputation of producing extremely high quality smartphones, video recording equipment, sound equipment and televisions.

The Sony KDL-60R520 1080p 120 Hz Internet LED TV is a high quality top end HDTV that is equipped with the latest technology to make viewing any show, DVD, or music video a real treat.

Features Of The Sony KDL-609R520A

Sony KDL-60R520 1080p 120Hz Internet LED TVThis Sony HDTV is loaded with features, all designed to enhance your viewing pleasure.

These features include:

  • A choice of a 60 or 60 inch screen
  • Ultra thin design that looks good in any home
  • Full High Definition 1080p
  • Edge LED backlight
  • Motionflow XR 240 provides smooth life like motion regardless of what you happen to be watching
  • Recieve-less for Direct TV customers
  • No additional receiver is needed for DirectTV customer who have Genie whole home HD DVD
  • Built in WiFi
  • Smartphone ready with wireless mirroring so that you can watch anything from your smartphone on this large screen
  • Clear resolution enhancer
  • Enhanced dark screen detail
  • Free 30 day tech support to help you get everything set just the way you want it
  • Can get 24 month financing when you purchase this television using your store card
  • Measures: 62.5” X 36.8” X3.6” without stand and 62.5” X 38.5” 15” with stand
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

What Comes In The Box

When you purchase the Sony KDL-60R520, you should find the following in the box:

  • Your television
  • Table top stand (needs assembly)
  • AC power cord (US 2 Pin pig tail)
  • Remote (Rm YDO94)
  • Batteries (R03)
  • Operation manual
  • 12 month warranty

What You Need To Know About The Sony KDL-60R520 Before Purchasing

There are a few things that you need to know about the Sony KDL-60R520 before purchasing, in order to be assured that this is the right big screen television for you:

  • It is recommended that your broadband speed be at least 2.5 mbps for this television to function at its highest ability
  • This television requires compatible DirectTV Genie Whole Home HD DVD to be connected to the same wireless network
  • This television does not support all smartphone formats. You need a smartphone with WiFi certified technology
  • This television also requires a Mobile High Definition Link-compatible with smartphone to be connected to the TV. The Mobile High Definition Link is sold separately

The Sony KDL-60R520 Difference

Sony KDL-60R520 1080p 120Hz Internet LED TVThe technology used in the Sony KDL-60R520 boosts both the image clarity with heightened contrast and depth.

Fine details and textures appear, no what you are watching, to give you a more theater like experience when watching your favorite television shows, sports programmes, and movies on this device.

First Impressions

Through doing research on this Sony HDTV, it is certainly clear that this television is very well constructed and capable of providing most of the features you could ever need or want in a big screen television.

The custom settings allow individual families and users to customize the brightness of the screen, the vividness of the colors, and many other things necessary for the enjoyment of their viewing experience.

The one year warranty seems to be a bit short for the price of this device, so you may want to consider either purchasing an extended warranty or a home protection plan (more about this later), to help provide you with peace of mind.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Sony KDL-60520A 1080p 120 Hz Internet LED Television are not hard to find and are scattered at different sites around the internet.

In almost all cases, this television gets astonishingly good reviews, with very few negative reviews being offered anywhere.

It seems that the vast majority of people who purchased this television are extremely happy with their purchase, and they made the following oft repeated general comments about this product:

  • Clear, sharp image
  • Great color
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Internet connection works perfectly
  • Excellent sound
  • Tons of features

Customers do state that the factory settings do not do this television’s capabilities justice, but state that by using the custom settings, you can get a bright, beautiful clear image every time.

The only really negative reviews seem to be from people whose television arrived broken due to shipping, so it might be wise to check into shipping/delivery insurance.

Should You Get A Home Protection Plan When You Purchase This Television

Whether or not you get a home protection plan when you purchase this television is entirely up to you.

However, since this television is a large ticket item, we felt you should know such plans exist and what buying such a plan can do to protect your investment.

Of course, different home protection plans offer different benefits, but some general benefits include:

  • Protection that exceeds most warranties. Nowadays, when most companies offer 1 year limited warranties on their products, a protection plan can cover 2 years and sometimes more
  • Free shipping for repairs, unlike many warranties that require you to pay to ship back a non functioning item to be repaired or replaced, all at your own cost. Many home protection plans pay for the shipping both ways, saving you that out of pocket expense
  • Full Coverage on parts and labor. All too often, the warranty that comes with a product covers parts, but not the actual labour, or simply only covers certain parts. Home protection covers the cost of both parts and labour, once again saving you money if your device needs repair
  • Repairs completed within a limited set time period. With most home protection plans, you won’t find yourself waiting weeks or months to have those repairs done. In most cases, these plans guarantee to have your device repaired within days, or they will refund you the cost of replacing your device
  • Plan is Extremely Low Cost. In most cases, purchasing a home protection plan is far cheaper than purchasing an extended warranty, which again can give you peace of mind while saving you money

If you are considering purchasing a home protection plan, please make sure to review the exact benefits of the plan you are considering before purchasing.

If you are looking for a large HDTV, the Sony KDL-60R520A may be worth considering, as with the 24 month payment plan, and the opportunity to get home protection, you can get a great deal on the size of television you always wanted.

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