San Francisco Bay Coffee Ground French Roast 12 Ounce Bags 3 Pack Review

San Francisco Bay Coffee is made by the Roger’s family coffee company. Since 1979, this company has produced premium, sustainable, and fair trade coffee of various brands, from single serve cups to 3 pound bags.

They also deal with the communities that grow the coffee to help sustain the rainforest, and see that the workers are paid reasonable wages, to help them support their families and have a decent quality of life.

One of the premium coffee products the Roger’s family offer is the San Francisco Bay Coffee Ground French Roast 12 Ounce Bags 3 Pack.

Features Of The San Francisco Bay Coffee Ground French Roast

San Francisco Bay Coffee Ground French RoastThe features of this San Francisco Bay Ground French Roast Coffee include:

  • Blend of dark roasted coffees from Central and South America
  • Unique custom blend
  • Rich full bodied flavor
  • Fair trade

What The Reviews Have To Say

Customers really like the San Francisco Ground French Roast Coffee and agree with the company that this indeed is a gourmet coffee worth serving on special occasions, as well as drinking everyday.

Customers find this coffee has an intense smoky flavor, a wonderful aroma, and that it is extremely smooth.

Customers state that this coffee is very fresh.

In fact, it actually seems to score better for freshness than several brands of whole beans coffee, which is interesting, considering ground coffee is normally never nearly as fresh tasting as whole coffee beans.

The way this coffee is packaged may account a good deal for locking in the freshness.

Also, surprisingly, since this coffee is an extremely dark roasted coffee, not one single customer stated that this coffee has the slightest burned or bitter taste.

This is certainly a salute to the workers who roast the coffee beans, coaxing the rich, dark, smoky flavor from the beans, while leaving the bitterness behind.

Like all coffees, San Francisco Bay Coffee is not going to strike a chord with everyone.

But for those who enjoy a smooth and intense dark roast coffee, this coffee may just hit the sweet spot.

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