Rolling Garden Cart Reviews

Anyone who has had much experience gardening can tell you that having a rolling garden cart to tote heavy loads, keep tools close at hand, or provide a comfortable seat when weeding, can make a huge difference in just how much enjoyment you get from your garden.

Having the right rolling garden cart to meet your needs can make gardening seem like more fun and less work.

Here’s a look at what some of today’s carts have to offer gardeners:

Ames Cart Lawn Buddy Poly Review
Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart (4 Cubic Feet) Review
Mighty Max 600 Pound Capacity All-Purpose Utility and Garden Cart Review

Ames Garden Tools

The Ames Company has it’s roots in the birth of the United States, when pioneer Captain John Ames began making America’s first metal shovels in 1974, just prior to the Revolutionary War.

Since that time, the Ames Company has grown with the United States, becoming one of the most trusted names in garden tools in the country.

Today, their water hoses, hose reels, hand tools, and garden carts and wheelbarrows remain a staple of many home gardeners, as well as garden centers across the USA.

Two of the garden carts in this review are made by this company: the Cart Lawn Buddy, and the Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart.

Ames Cart Lawn Buddy Poly

ames rolling garden cart

The Cart Lawn Buddy is a helpful garden tool, making working in the garden both more convenient and comfortable, especially for those who have back or knee problems.

Here are some of the key features of this handy little cart:

  • Heavy duty poly construction makes this little cart both rust proof and easy to clean
  • 3 compartments of internal storage helps you keep your small tools neat and organized
  • Removable tray
  • A handle to make moving the Lawn Buddy from spot to spot easy, and then the handle doubles as a comfortable seat when folded down
  • A drinks holder to carry a bottle of cool refreshing water
  • Molded tool clips
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Measures 26.5” X 15” X 14”
  • Can be stored upright to save space

First Impressions

While the Ames Cart Lawn Buddy isn’t going to win any rewards for being cute, this sturdy little cart is the perfect cart for weeding in the garden or deadheading flowers.

It saves stress on your back from countless hours of bending over, as well as saving wear and tear on knees from kneeling while weeding.

You can even carry a cold drink with you to quench your thirst on those hot days.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The Lawn Buddy has a good number of positive reviews, and most customers seem to find this little rolling garden cart handy for a variety of uses.

Some of the positive things that customers had to say about this cart included:

  • Sturdy
  • Great to use when gardening in small spaces
  • Wonderful for people with back and knee problems
  • Can move back and forth without having to get up
  • Removable tool tray is great

There were a couple of things that some customers felt could be improved on the Lawn Buddy.

They felt that the hinges on the handle/lid could be sturdier, and the wheels as well.

With these couple of exceptions, customers felt this cart was a real keeper.

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Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart (4 Cubic Feet)

ames easy roller rolling garden cartThe Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart is a bit like a cart and wheelbarrow combined.

The cart has several features which makes it ideal for doing work in your lawn or garden.

These features include:

  • All Poly construction makes for easy cleaning and helps prevent rust
  • Extra wide base for added stability
  • A recessed tool bay
  • Side tool clips to hold that rake, hoe or other long tool
  • 10 inch front wheels and 5 inch back wheels
  • Holds up to 250 pounds

First Impressions

The Ames Easy roller lawn cart is a handy cart to have around, whether you are moving soil or plants around your property, or you simply want an all purpose cart that can even help transport those groceries from the car to the door.

The all poly construction is a great idea, as it makes keeping this cart free of debris as easy as hosing it out.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart rates quite well in reviews.

Most customers who purchased this cart like it and find it handy for a variety of yard and garden tasks.

Some of the things they specifically like about this cart are:

  • It’s lightweight when empty making it easy to move and use when working in the yard or garden
  • Strong
  • Handy and convenient to use
  • The clips on the side are a nice additional touch

Some customers don’t like the hard plastic wheels and a couple of customers have had trouble with the poly material cracking.

However, overall, most people who purchased this cart on wheels were happy with their purchase, and felt it was extremely useful in meeting their needs.

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Mighty Max 600 Pound Capacity All-Purpose Utility and Garden Cart

mighty max rolling garden cartThe Mighty Max Company makes a variety of utility carts to meet the needs of the average household.

The Mighty Max 600 pound capacity all purpose utility and garden cart can be used for a variety of hauling needs.

If you need to haul a heavy load then the Mighty Mac 600 pound all purpose cart has the right features to help get the job done.

These features include:

  • Expandable flatbed handles loads 32” to 38” long
  • Comes with 1 removable tub,1 pair of removable cargo walls
  • Tool rack
  • Made from recycled material so it is environmentally friendly
  • Stronger than steel and never rusts
  • Uses 4 inch wide never flat rubber tires doesn’t mar wood, tile, or linoleum floors or damage carpet and can be used on all types of outdoor terrain
  • Fits in trunk for easy transport
  • Can be used as a garden seat
  • Made in the USA

First Impressions

This Mighty Max rolling cart can be used for practically anything under the sun.

It can be used as a dolly when moving heavy furniture, as a convenient and back saving means of bringing in your shopping from the car, as well as serving a number of uses in the yard and the garden.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who owns this handy cart needing any others.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The Mighty Max 600 pound capacity all purpose utility and garden cart scores well in customer reviews.

While a few customers don’t feel this cart travels as well in beach sand as the company states, most customers are quite happy with this rolling garden cart’s performance.

Some of the positive things they had to say about this cart included comments about such things as:

  • High quality materials
  • Solid build
  • Light weight of the cart
  • Its versatility
  • The clarity of the assembly instructions
  • The weight load

It seems pretty obvious that the Mighty Max has left a favorable impression on many consumers.

This cart may be well worth considering if you are in the market for a versatile cart that can perform many functions both inside and out.

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Ames Cart Lawn Buddy Poly Review
Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart (4 Cubic Feet) Review
Mighty Max 600 Pound Capacity All-Purpose Utility and Garden Cart Review

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