Piano Keyboard For Beginners Reviews

Almost everyone in the world loves music and most people wish they had the skill and talent to play some type of musical instrument. Now with the advanced features in a piano keyboard for beginners, teaching yourself to play keyboards is easier than ever before.

Beginner keyboards are great for those who are just beginning learning to play the piano, or those who want to teach themselves to play a musical instrument.

Some beginner keyboards are even good for intermediate and advanced players who want to compose and record their own music.

However, some keyboards can be extremely expensive, selling for a $1000.00 dollars or more, which may be more than the beginner musician can afford to pay.

We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good beginner piano keyboard to start learning to play music with, but with each keyboard having so many different features and pricing, we’re here to help you make the right choice for you.

Yamaha EZ-200 Full Sized Touch Sensitive Keyboard Bundle Review
Casio WK-500 76 Key Personal Keyboard Package With Stand, Headphones And Power Supply Review
Huntington KB61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Review
Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners Comparison Chart

Yamaha EZ-200 Full Sized Touch Sensitive Keyboard Bundle

yamaha piano keyboard for beginnersThe Yamaha EZ-200 Full Sized Touch Sensitive Keyboard bundle was a long time in the making.

This keyboard has it’s beginnings way back in 1887 when Torkakusu Yamaha built his reed organ.

Ten years later the Yamaha corporation was born and today the Yamaha EZ-200 stands as a testament to one of this companies finest budget priced keyboards.

This keyboard has plenty of features to help beginners start learning to play the keyboard quickly and easily.

These features include:

  • 61 full size keys
  • 32 Polyphony notes
  • 367 tones
  • EZ way 7 step learning
  • Stereo speakers
  • 100 built in songs
  • Can select right hand, left hand, or both hand play
  • Touch response feature close to that of a real piano
  • LCD display shows correct fingering
  • Lesson grading actually monitors your progress
  • Different instrument sounds to choose from
  • MIDI in/out
  • Shipped in the USA
  • 2 year extended warranty available
  • The bundle for this keyboard includes the stand, headphones, and power source

First Impressions

At first glance, the Yamaha EZ-200 seems to everything that the beginner or intermediate keyboard player could want or need.

The 7 step EZ way learning will help those new to this instrument learn how to play a song quickly.

The various different instrument sounds may come in handy for those who get easily bored, as you can switch things up so that the music you play sounds as though it is coming from a guitar or a number of other instruments.

This is a budget keyboard that will be a load of fun for the entire family, and a great learning tool for those people who are more serious about music.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Yamaha EZ-200 are quite positive with reviewers scoring this piano keyboard for beginners quite highly.

Ironically, as will be discussed in more detail later, the keyboard stand seems to be the main reason for most of the negative reviews.

However, there were many things that customers like about the EZ-200 and some of their favorite features and functions include:

  • Simple to use
  • Can turn off lighted keys
  • The wait features helps you correct mistakes in your playing immediately without having to start the complete song over again
  • Repeat feature makes learning difficult passages much easier
  • The instruction book that comes with the Yamaha EZ-200 teaches you how to use all the features
  • The seven step learning EZ learning features is really helpful in teaching you how to play a simple song in the very first day

As with every product on the market today the Yamaha EZ-200 does have some minor flaws.

These include:

  • No USB connection
  • And the songbook notes are extremely small making them difficult to read
  • The biggest complaint and the reason for less then sterling reviews for the EZ-200 is the keyboard stand. Most of the people who purchased this keyboard agree that the stand that comes in the bundle does not fit the keyboard. This has proved to be a major issue for some customers.

Overall, the Yamaha EZ-200 Full size touch sensitive keyboard bundle is a good deal and well worth the price they paid.

While the ill fitting keyboard stand may be a bit of letdown, the price of this keyboard makes that disappointment far more bearable and in most reviewers opinion well worth the price.

This is an ideal piano keyboard for beginners, as it has all the features necessary to make learning to play easier.

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Casio WK-500 76 Key Personal Keyboard Package With Stand, Headphones And Power Supply

casio piano keyboard for beginnersIt is difficult to believe from looking at the Casio WK-500 76 Key Personal Keyboard package with stand, headphones, and power supply that the Casio corporation has only been making keyboards since 1980.

This budget keyboard has many of the features one would not expect on a budget keyboard.

These features include:

  • 76 keys
  • 2 sensitivity levels
  • Real time recording capabilities perfect for those who want to do some of their own composing
  • 670 tones
  • 152 built in songs
  • 200 Rhythms
  • 48 note polyphony
  • Distortion wheel
  • Metronome
  • Mic and audio input jacks
  • USB Port
  • Set up Lesson system
  • And of course the keyboard stand, headphones and power supply
  • Must check with the manufacture regarding warranty
  • Sold only in the United States

First Impressions

The Casio WK-500 is an impressive looking keyboard, that appears to have a lot of useful features both for beginners and intermediate keyboard players.

The real time recording feature is great for those who compose or want to try composing their music.

What The Reviews Have to Say

Reviews for the Casio WK-500 are extremely positive with reviews giving this keyboard high scores.

Average rating of various reviews from review sites across the internet rates this keyboard almost maximum stars.

Most of the people who purchased this keyboard expressed that it met or exceeded their expectations in almost all respects.

However, several customers were somewhat surprised how large this keyboard is, though they did say it was still light enough to carry with them.

Here are some of the things they particularly liked about the Casio WK-500:

  • The keyboard itself is beautiful
  • Great step by step teaching for beginners. It starts out basic and works you up to more advanced pieces
  • The Grand Piano option sounds wonderful
  • This keyboard compares well to other keyboards twice it’s price
  • Many advanced musicians like it’s portability and use it for composing some of their own music

There are a few features that customers wish were improved on the Casio WK-500.

These features were:

  • The plastic keys. Some customers found them slippery and didn’t like the “click” the keys made when the keyboard was being played
  • Other customers felt that the touch sensitivity of this keyboard could be improved
  • Customers also wish the keyboard came with a USB cable

Overall, customers found their experience using the Casio WK-500 rewarding.

Many customers whose children were taking piano lessons found that having this piano keyboard was an ideal alternative to purchasing a far more expensive piano that they did not have room for.

In many cases, where this was purchased for a child, adults became interested in learning to play as well.

Most customers recommended the Casio WK-500 for beginners and intermediate musicians and it appears that some advance musicians found this keyboard useful as well.

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Huntington KB61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

huntington piano keyboard for beginnersThe Huntington KB61 Portable electronic keyboard is designed for beginner and intermediate players who are on budget, and who are looking for an inexpensive keyboard that allows them to practice and play music for their own pleasure.

For a budget keyboard, the KB61 is loaded with a lot of interesting features.

These features include:

  • 61 standard piano keys
  • 100 rhythms
  • 100 voices
  • 16 volume levels
  • 8 Stereo demo songs
  • 32 Tempo settings
  • LED display
  • Single chord function, finger function, transposition function
  • ¼ inch out put jack (Stereo RCA output jacks)
  • 8 panel drum presets
  • Designed for beginner and Intermediate players
  • AC power chord

First Impressions

The Huntington KB61 Electronic keyboard is a nice looking keyboard that is perfect for beginner players or those who are not looking for a professional keyboard with professional sound.

It’s budget price makes it ideal for those families on a limited budget who still want to enjoy making their own music.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews of the KB61 electronic keyboard are extremely good, with many consumers feeling as though they got a great deal on this keyboard.

Many either use it themselves or have family members use it on a regular basis and state they get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Here are some of the features that most customers find impressive:

  • Good build quality. This keyboard is made with plastic but, seems to even weather the occasional spills
  • Good size. Larger than some customers expected, but still portable enough to travel when the need arises
  • Many different sound features

While some customers find that the KB61 tone quality is extremely good, especially for a budget keyboard, other customers find the tone quality not quite up to their expectations.

Still other customers report that the keyboard is not good for those wanting to play or practice classical musical.

Some customers have gotten a keyboard with loose or broken keys. The company is good about replacing these keyboards and it is uncertain whether or not this is a production flaw, or if the keys have been damaged in shipping.

Overall, the Huntington KB61-Key Portable electronic keyboard is a good beginning keyboard for an excellent price, and most customers are extremely happy with their purchase.

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Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners Comparison Chart

As a traditional Irish music musician, I know how important it is to find the instrument that is right for you, especially if you are starting off learning to play music.

With that in mind, we have extensively researched and put together a chart of the top 15 piano keyboards suitable for beginners and their relevant information.

The information contained in the comparison chart includes:

  • Brand name, description and image of each keyboard (clickable links so you can check each one out on Amazon.com)
  • Number and type of keys on each keyboard
  • Dimensions of each keyboard
  • Sound quality of each keyboard
  • List of any accessories that come with each keyboard
  • Additional notes to help make your decision easier




Sound Quality



Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle

61 Full Size

45.8 x 9.5 x 18.2 inches


Stand, Headphones, Power Supply, 2 Year Extended Warranty

Best Seller – 100 built in songs for you to learn to play. 3 Keyboard lessons for each hand. (see review above)

Casio WK-500 76-Key Personal Keyboard Package with Stand, Headphones and Power Supply

76 piano style

51 x 9 x 20 inches


Stand, Headphones, Power Supply

152 Song Bank Tunes, including 50 Exercise Phrases. (see review above)

Yamaha YPG235 76-Key Entry-Level Portable Grand Piano Bundle with Yamaha X-Style Stand and Survival Kit (Headphone and Power Adapter Included)

76 piano style

 53 x 23 x 11 inches


Stand, Power Supply, 2 Year Extended Warranty

Best Seller – 30 Built-In Songs Plus 30 On Included CD-ROM. 7 Levels Of Lessons

Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard, Orange

44 Mini

9.6 x 8.8 x 25.2 inches

LSI Sound Source And 8-Note Polyphony

None Included

Best Seller – 10 Practice Songs. 50 Play-Along Tracks. Uses Batteries Or Power Supply

Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard

61 Piano Style

42.1 x 16.1 x 6.4 inches

Ultra Wide Stereo

None Included

Best Seller – 102 Built-In Songs. Entry Level Keyboard

Casio CTK-4200 Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply and Stand

61 Piano Style

45 x 9 x 22 inches 


Stand, Headphones, Power Supply

Best Seller – 152 Built-In Songs. Step-Up Lesson System.

Yamaha YPG-535 88-key Portable Grand Graded-Action USB Keyboard with Matching Stand and Sustain Pedal

88 Piano Style

52-3/4"W x 5-3/4"H x 16-5/8"D


Matching Stand, Sustain Pedal

Best Seller – 30 Built-In Songs. 70 More Included on CD-ROM. 7 Levels Of Lessons.

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano (Black)

88 Piano Style

58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches

Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

Power Adapter, Sustain Pedal

Best Seller – 10 Demo Songs Plus 10 Preset Piano Songs.

eMedia My Piano Starter Pack for Kids

49 Mid-Sized

35 x 10 x 4 inches 

Realistic Sampled Sounds

Power Adapter, USB Cable, My Piano DVD

Best Seller – Over 100 Lessons Led By Animated Character

Huntington KB61 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard, Black

61 Piano Style

40 x 18 x 7 inches 


Power Adapter

Best Seller – 8 Demo Songs. Teaching Type Keyboard

(see review above)
Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano, Black

88 Piano Style

57 x 8 x 17 inches 

Full Stereo

Damper Pedal, Music Rest, Power Adapter

Best Seller – 10 Sounds Provide. Acoustic Piano Sound Featured

54 Keys Keyboard Student Electronic Digital Piano - With notes Holder - Silver - with AC Adapter & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick

54 Piano Style



Notes Holder, AC Adapter

Best Seller – 8 Demo Songs

Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica - Black

37 Piano Style

22 x 6 x 3 inches 

Accordion-Like Tone

Delux Padded Zipper Case, Mouthpiece, Extension Hose

Best Seller – Wind Instrument. Played Like A Piano. Solo & Orchestral Instrument. Ideal For Students & Advanced.

Schoenhut My First Piano II White

25 Piano Style

15.8 x 9.5 x 11.5 inches

Chime-Like Notes

Songbook, Removable Color Strip

Best Seller – Play By Color Teaching Method. Suitable For Toddlers, Ages 3 & Up. Teaches Proper Finger Stretch.

Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano (Walnut)

88 Graded Hammer Standard

x 21.8 x 13.4 inches 

Stereo, Realistic & Dynamic Sound

None Included

Best Seller – Advanced Set Of Learning Tools Built Into Instrument.

Your Choice

Now that you have had time to check out our in-depth reviews of 3 of the top keyboards suitable for beginner musicians and our top 15 piano keyboard for beginners comparison chart, hopefully you have an idea of the keyboard that is most suited to your individual needs.

We will update our review and comparison chart as new products come and go, as we want you to have the most up to date information at all times.

Yamaha EZ-200 Full Sized Touch Sensitive Keyboard Bundle Review
Casio WK-500 76 Key Personal Keyboard Package With Stand, Headphones And Power Supply Review
Huntington KB61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Review
Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners Comparison Chart

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