Old Fashioned Baby Walkers Reviews

Parents choose old fashioned baby walkers over newer designs for a variety of reasons.

Some parents like the fact that these walkers are made from wood and are sturdier than most plastic walkers.

Other parents like the fact that many old fashioned walkers can be used as a toy through out a child’s preschool years.

However, the main attraction of these walkers is that they bring back to parents all the fun of childhood, where imagination flourishes and enjoyment comes from the simple things in life.

It is this simple joyousness that parents want their own children to experience.

So let’s have a look at some of today’s old fashioned baby walkers:

Plan Toy Baby Walker Review
Baby Walker By The Original Toy Company Review
Haba Wagon Walker Review
The Hape Wonder Walker Review

Plan Toy Baby Walker

plan toys old fashioned baby walkersThe Plan Toy Baby Walker is designed and manufactured by the Play Toy Company located in Trang, Thailand.

This company is known for its fine wooden toys made of sustainable materials that benefit the environment as well as your child.

The Plan Toy Baby Walker is a wooden wagon walker that is plenty heavy enough for a child to use to pull themselves up, and take his or her first steps, and then be used through out his or her play school years for more imaginative play.

Here are some of the features of this cute baby walker:

  • Made of sturdy sustainable wood
  • The walker has a specially designed handle that can be adjusted both for height and for stiffness to help children with stability
  • Comes with 24 colorful and natural wood blocks for building
  • Recommended for children ages 10 months to 3 years
  • Sold in selected countries outside of the USA

First Impressions

This is a baby walker that is both cute and fairly heavy duty.

It is easy to picture any child learning to walk with this walker, and having a blast building towers and knocking them down.

Once a toddler is walking well on their own, it is easy to picture this little wagon “becoming” a ride for dolls and stuffed animals, a pretend lawn mower, or any number of other items your child might envision.

Though recommended for children up to 3 years, it is easy to picture even 4 or 5 year olds using this walker as wagon to haul rocks, and other items during outdoor play.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Plan Toy old fashioned baby walker are exceptionally good with parents giving it great feedback.

There is a lot about this walker that both parents and toddlers really like including:

  • Good quality materials and construction
  • Non slip wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Blocks are fun for both infants and toddlers to build
  • Older toddlers can use this toy for a cart

There were a couple of concerns that parents had regarding this baby walker and these concerns are:

  • Wagon is difficult for beginning walkers to turn
  • That in a few cases this walker did tip over

Overall, the Plan Toy baby walker was well received by most customers and the children it was meant for.

It is a sturdy walker that can be used for imaginative play for several years, and the building blocks that come with the walker are a nice bonus.

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Baby Walker By The Original Toy Company

original toy company old fashioned baby walkersThe Original Toy Company is the brain child of Kevin and Susan McGrath who wanted to design and manufacture toys that were fun, safe, and inspired learning in young children.

This company has won awards for some of their various toys for safety, durability, learning potential, and value for money.

Their baby walker is designed to help your child take his or her first steps, and then function as a toy once walking is achieved.

The Baby Walker by the Original Toy Company is a push along wagon that has some nice features to help your child learn to walk and enjoy playtime.

Some of the features of this old fashioned walker include:

  • 20 inch handle height
  • Sturdy hardwood construction
  • Steel and rubber coated wheels
  • Wagon design for pushing around toys and other objects
  • Colorful

First Impressions

This is a cute little push along wagon that appears to be extremely sturdy and well made.

Made of wood and metal, this walker should hold up to years of play, and children will certainly enjoy putting this cart to a number of imaginative uses.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Original Toy Company Baby Walker are quite favorable with this walker earning strong positive feedback from customers.

Both parents and children love this walker and find it the perfect cross between functional walker and fun toy.

Here are some of the things that parents like about this walker:

  • Overall sturdy construction, this walker doesn’t tip over with beginning walkers pull themselves up using the handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Promotes sibling bonding as slightly older toddlers enjoy pushing their smaller siblings in the wagon
  • Useful beyond the walking stage as toddlers use the wagon as a “shopping cart” and to haul around toys and other objects

The only real criticism of this baby walker is that, while overall the wagon is constructed well, the bottom is a bit thin and can break when bearing the weight of a toddler.

Most parents felt that the Original Toy Company should have considered a toddlers natural inclination to ride in the wagon and should have made the bottom as sturdy as the rest of the cart.

Overall, parents felt the baby walker was an ideal walker and toy and said they would recommend it to others.

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Haba Wagon Walker

haba old fashioned baby walkersThe Haba Toy Company was founded in Germany over 72 years ago and has grown to be a leading manufacturer of toys that children love.

This company’s wooden toys have inspired the imaginations of generations of children, and one look at the Haba wagon walker and you will understand why.

The Haba wagon walker is really an old fashioned type walker that will be a real aid to helping children take their first steps.

It is also a great toy for slightly older toddlers that are already walking on their own, allowing them to give rides to their stuffed animals, dolls, and even friends.

Here are some of the features of this cute and functional walker:

  • Handle for children to hold onto as they take their first steps in the world
  • Rubber tires on wooden rims, with adaptable breaks to keep things going slow in the beginning
  • Seat to push a friend, dolls and stuffed animals
  • Small storage area in back of the seat to allow your child to collect objects along their way

First Impressions

This is a cute little wagon that allows your child to share their first attempts at walking with a friend.

The little seat in front is plenty sturdy enough to hold a toddler, and is as much fun to get rides as it is to push.

The storage area behind the seat allows your child to carry along a favorite toy as they learn to walk, and once they are past the stage of needing to use this wagon, as a walker it can encourage both indoor and outdoor play.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Haba Walker Wagon are exceptional with this walker scoring a big hit with customers.

While children found this walker just plain fun, parents appreciated many different features of this wagon including:

  • The fact that this is a simple, quiet toy
  • The adjustable brakes proved helpful
  • Sturdy, high quality construction
  • Doesn’t tip over when child pulls on it
  • Can be used for several years of imaginative play

Some parents had some concerns regarding the screws, but most parents didn’t find that they posed any danger to their child.

One parent did find that their children’s pants were getting caught up in the wheel, but there were no other parents who experienced this happening, so perhaps this was more a case of the pants dragging the floor rather than an actual problem with the wheels.

Overall, the majority of parents loved this walker and said they would recommend it to others.

However, keep in mind that children who are using walkers are not yet steady on their feet should be supervised at all times.

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The Hape Wonder Walker

hape toys old fashioned baby walkersThe Hape Toy Company is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative and safe toys, often from sustainable materials.

This company sells its toys in over 50 countries and is dedicated to helping children learn and grow through play.

The Hape Wonder Walker is just one example of the simple, yet innovative and fun toys this company manufactures.

The Hape wonder walker is an old fashioned designed walker that incorporates a few extra toys to help keep children amused and develop fine motor skills.

Here are some of the features of this cute and fun walker:

  • Wagon designed walker with space for your child to put dolls, stuffed animals or other toys
  • Moveable knobs, gears, and balls to help develop fine motor skills
  • Rubber trimmed set back wheels to help protect your floors
  • Colorful
  • Non-Toxic finish
  • Best for ages 1-3
  • Solid wood construction with some plastic beads and gears
  • Sold in some countries outside the United States

First Impressions

This is an adorable and colorful little walker that is sure to engage your child.

It has 5 additional built in activities to help your child develop fine motor skills, and the fact that some of these activities can be reached from the back (they are on the tall area where the handles connect), means that your child can play with them without crawling in and out of the storage area of the wagon.

It looks like a fun toy that should serve your child well past the walking stage.

What The Reviews Have To Say

There aren’t a lot of reviews to be found for the Hape Wonder Walker, but of the handful there are scattered around the internet, this walker gets a perfect scores in customer feedback!

Most parents who have purchased this walker for their child have been more than pleased with their purchase.

Here are some of the features they liked:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Well built and extremely stable when child pulls to standing position
  • Useful toy for years to come

Although no parents gave poor feedback this product, a few did say that they wish the gears and knobs for the on board activities had been made from wood instead of plastic.

However, they did not feel that the plastic parts in anyway compromised the quality of this walker and would recommend it to other parents.

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