Neutral Baby Bedding Ideas For Your Nursery

neutral baby bedding and nursery themeWhen planning for a new baby’s arrival, many parents prefer to choose a nursery theme and to decorate the entire room according to theme they have chosen.

Parents who are planning on having more than one child often choose to decorate the nursery using neutral baby bedding in order to be able to use this bedding for subsequent children.

If you are looking for some neutral baby bedding ideas or nursery themes for your nursery, here are few ideas that may prove helpful.

Neutral Colors

Choosing neutral colored baby bedding for your nursery is a way to enable you to re-use that bedding for subsequent children regardless of their sex.

Some great neutral colors include:

  • Green and brown baby bedding
  • Gray and yellow baby bedding
  • Aqua and tan baby bedding
  • Solid colors including; white, cream, beige, light orange, teal, aqua, and just about any shade imaginable

Designing Your Nursery Theme Around Your Neutral Bedding

One of the great things about choosing gender neutral bedding is that this type of bedding allows you to design a number of different nursery themes and still use your bedding.

For example, when you choose colors such as solid aqua or aqua or tan bedding, you then create a number of different themes.

Such as:

  • Beach and ocean themes
  • Butterfly or insect themes
  • Even angel themes

Green, tan and brown bedding or combinations thereof can allow you to create such themes as:

  • Jungle themes
  • Fairy themes
  • Farm animal themes

Other themes that can be used with just about any colored neutral bedding may include such themes as:

  • Alphabet themes
  • Nursery rhyme themes
  • Cartoon character themes

In addition, you can use neutral baby bedding as extra bedding for a nursery that is already themed.

Simply choose a color that will compliment the colors and the styles of the nursery theme.

This is a great way to provide a change of bedding for your crib, without going to the expense of buying additional themed sheet and blankets.

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