Life Size Dolls For Children Reviews

Life size dolls for children are cute and cuddly friends with whom your toddler can share adventures.

When your child has a doll that is just their size, they have someone who shares their secrets and their adventures.

Not only are one of these dolls your child’s best friend, they are also great help to your child as they begin learning fundamental social skills.

Here is a look at some life size dolls for children:

My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review
Life Size Sweetie Mine Rag Doll (Jumbo 48” Doll) Review
Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Exclusive Review

My Friend Huggles Lily Doll

my friend huggles life size doll for childrenThe My Friend Huggles Company is dedicated to helping your child learn to be a caring individual with a good moral compass through creating toys that teach positive virtues.

Their My Friend Huggles Lily, and other dolls, make for a wonderful doll friend for your child, and offers interactive internet activities that helps your child learn the virtue that each of these dolls stand for.

Features of the My Friend Huggles Lily Doll include:

  • Made of incredibly soft material which makes this doll great for snuggling and cuddling with
  • Wears removable toddler size clothing, so it easy to buy additional clothes for this doll
  • The heart on the dolls chest is made so that your child’s name can be written on on the heart, making this doll truly your child’s best friend
  • A satin ribbon listing virtues is on the back of each doll and these virtues match those on the My Friend Huggles Interactive website. The website offers songs, awards and challenges that your child can’t take to help them learn the virtues that are taught.

First Impressions

The My Friend Huggles Lily doll is one adorable life size doll for children.

Her big eyes and sweet smile is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, be they a child or an adult.

Best of all, this doll is the perfect size for your child to enjoy having tea parties and sharing adventures with.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the My Friend Huggles Lily doll are extremely positive.

Most parents find this doll absolutely adorable as well as cuddly and soft.

They state that the doll is about the size of a three or four year old and it is beautifully sewn.

Many adults also like the fact that this doll can help them teach their child important virtues in a fun and interesting way.

Several customers stated that they would recommend this doll to others.

If you have two or more children wanting a life size doll, you may want to note that there are several other Huggles life size dolls to choose from as well.

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Life Size Sweetie Mine Rag Doll (Jumbo 48” Doll)

mine sweetie life size dolls for childrenIn 1966, the Petcake Toys/Well Made Toys company began when Fred Catapano started out to create a business from making soft cuddly toys, with only $1000 loan and two sewing machines.

Today, toys created from his initial vision are some of the best loved children’s toys around.

The Life-size Sweetie Mine rag doll is the perfect doll for any child looking for a doll best friend.

The Life size Sweetie Mine Rag Doll has just the right features to make her appealing to most little girls and their parents.

These features include:

  • Stands 48” tall
  • Filled with soft, huggable materials inside the rag doll exterior
  • Beautiful and friendly features
  • Comes as a blonde or brunette

First Impressions

The Life Size Sweetie Mine Rag doll has a beautiful sweet face that will appeal to almost any child as well as adults.

Since this is a rag doll, it will be easy for your child to carry around, despite her being life size.

She will make the perfect friend with whom your toddler can share adventures and secrets.

What The Reviews Have To Say

There are only a few reviews currently for the Sweetie Mine rag doll, but the reviews that are available are excellent.

Most parents found this charming doll to be beautiful, soft and cuddly, and exactly what they were looking for their child.

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Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Exclusive

lalaoopsy life size dolls for childrenLalaloospsy is a fantasy children’s world that many children have seen shows of on television.

It is a world of childhood adventures of which the Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Exclusive belongs.

While this doll is not exactly a life size doll for children, her 13 inch height and her wonderful personality still makes her a great friend for your child.

Based very loosely on the character of Snow White, the Snowy Fairest is a dark haired charmer that has some adorable features that make her a favorite of children and adults alike.

These features include:

  • Here dark hair, dark eyes, and colorful clothing
  • She comes with her own pet squirrel
  • She wipes clean with just a damp cloth

First Impressions

This is an extremely cute doll that any little girl will enjoy having for her very own friend.

A modern day snow white is more than willing to sleep with your child or join her for afternoon tea.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for this doll are excellent, with most parents admitting that they love this doll as much as their child does.

Several people stated, on websites across the internet, that they collect all the Lalaloopsy dolls because they are so cute and well made.

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My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review
Life Size Sweetie Mine Rag Doll (Jumbo 48” Doll) Review
Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Exclusive Review

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