Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sisters Blend Review

Name from one of Canada’s most beautiful vacation spots and the place where the company is located, Kicking Horse Coffee is considered by many to be Canada’s premium coffee brand.

This brand offers a wide variety of blends to suit almost everyone’s palate on the planet.

Features Of The Kicking Horse Coffee Whole Bean Coffee 2.2 pound Pouch Three Sister’s Blend

kicking horse coffee three sisters blendThe Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sister’s Blend is not only a blend of three different roasts, but of coffees from three different areas, which results in a wonderful blend that many people enjoy.

Features of this Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sisters Blend include:

  • Certified organic and fair trade. In fact, this is Canada’s number one organic free trade coffee
  • Trio of light, medium and dark roasted beans
  • Blended from beans that come from Indonesia, and Central and South America

First Impressions

Not every brand of coffee and not every roast blend will meet everyone’s idea of a truly great cup of coffee, but Three Sisters does it’s best to treat the palates of almost every one that tries it.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Gauging how it fairs in reviews is a little bit difficult, since reviews for this blend are often lumped in with other blends of Kicking Horse coffee.

However, after carefully reading through all the reviews for this particular blend, it appears that Three Sisters is a big hit among most of those people who have tried it.

Here some of the comments that customers made concerning these coffee beans:

  • Smooth and full flavored coffee
  • A coffee that tastes good and has a nice little kick
  • Wonderful aroma
  • Extremely fresh
  • Full bodied and flavourful
  • Great price for a great tasting cup of coffee that is both organic and fair trade

According to many reviews, this blend of Kicking Horse Coffee seems to be a favorite of many people who love flavorful coffee, but who aren’t impressed by the darker roast blends.

Since this coffee features dark, medium, and light roasted beans, it gives a more rounded and unique flavor profile that is quite appealing to many of the customers who bought it.

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