Is Juicing Really As Healthy For You As People Claim

super angel juicer reviewProponents of fresh juicing will tell you that juicing is one of the best things you can do for your health.

They claim that raw juicing will do everything, from giving you healthier looking hair and skin, to weight loss and the prevention of many serious health problems and even cancer.

But is juicing really as healthy for you as people claim, or is that Super Angel juicer review and those other juicing reviews just blowing smoke in order to get consumers to purchase yet another appliance?

The simple truth is, that while juicing is healthy for you, just how much juicing is going to benefit your health will depend a great deal on what your current eating habits are, and what types of produce you juice and drink.

The fact is that most of us simply do not consume enough healthy fruits and vegetables to give our bodies all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to maintain optimum health.

The deficit of these nutrients can lead to fatigue, a compromised immune system, increased appetite, and eventually serious illness.

The key to staying healthy is by consuming those foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, including fruits and vegetables.

How Juicing Can Help

Raw fruits and vegetables have more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than cooked fruits and vegetables.

While many of us will eat an apple, an orange, or a banana as a snack, few people choose to eat raw vegetables outside of those raw carrot and celery sticks often packed in school lunches and the occasional salad.

And if the truth be told, most people don’t even consume enough cooked vegetables to reach the daily minimum requirement of vegetables necessary to maintain good health.

So by juicing those raw vegetables, you not only can include a variety of different vegetables all in one serving, but one 8 ounce glass of vegetable juice is the equivalent of an entire days recommended vegetables servings!

And what could be easier than drinking those vegetables first thing in the morning, or in place of fattening snacks?

In addition, drinking juice helps you to stay fuller longer, without consuming a lot of extra calories, so it may even help people who are trying to lose weight achieve their goal.

But you do need to need remember that when it comes to juicing fruit, you may get the vitamins and minerals that the fruit provides, but you are also concentrating the amount of sugar contained in the fruit, while getting less of the natural fiber the fruit pulp contains.

So, while juicing is healthy for you, it is best to stick to juicing those vegetables and eat those fruits whole if you are watching your calories or need to watch your blood glucose levels.

An Additional Health Benefit

One additional health benefit that raw juicing offers you is that when you make your own fresh raw juice, this juice lacks all the added sugars, salts, and chemical additives that you find in juices you buy at your supermarket, which is definitely better for your health.

And because you are making your own juice from scratch, you and you alone can determine what other ingredients, and how much of each ingredient you want to add to your juice, which gives you more control over your own health.

So to answer the question Is Juicing Healthy For You?

The answer is a definite yes.

Just how healthy it is depends on how many raw fruits and vegetables you normally eat each day, and if you are eating the right variety of these fruits and vegetables to meet all of your nutritional needs.