How To Wear A Wrist Watch

timex big face watches for men easy readIn today’s world of fashion, pretty much anything goes, including encouraging individuals to develop their own sense of style.

This go with the moment style of dress pertains to accessories such as wrist watches as much as it does to that suit or those trendy pair of jeans.

However, there are a few “rules” regarding the wearing of wrist watches that you might want to follow if you are going for a little classier style.

This includes knowing when to wear a big face wrist watch and when to wear one with a smaller face:

Two Watches Are Best

For starters, if you are going to wear watches on a daily basis, then it is best if you actually own two wrist watches, a sports watch for casual wear and a more expensive formal watch for more formal wear.

You may also want to have additional watch bands that you can change on your formal watch depending on what you are wearing.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are normally worn for casual wear with those blue jeans, khakis, and sports shirts.

Women of course will want to wear a casual sports watch with their jeans, slacks, sweaters, and sundresses or every day skirts and blouses.

If you are wearing a sports watch because you take part in a specific sport, such as diving, then you are going to want your watch to be designed for that specific sport.

Otherwise, a stainless steel watch with a stainless steel, leather, or even plastic band should suffice for casual wear.

However, women will want the type of metal in the watch band to match any other jewelry they are wearing.

If either a man or a women chooses a leather or plastic watch band, their watch band should match their other accessories, such as belt, shoes, or purses.

Larger faced watches look better when worn for casual wear, and men often wear their casual watches with the face against the inside of their wrist.

Formal Watches

Formal watches are worn with business suits and for those formal occasions that people sometimes attend.

Formal watches should be of good quality with a smaller face and band.

The metal of the watch should be of the same metal as a man’s cufflinks or tie clasp or a woman’s jewellery, while the band of a formal watch should match the other formal accessories.

Men’s watches, whether formal or casual, should fit their wrist perfectly, being neither too snug or too loose, while women may wear watches either close fitting, or looser like a bracelet.

However, you do need to keep in mind that like everything else, the rules of how to wear a wrist watch comes down to trends and to your own personal preference.

Today, there are many sports watches that are made of high enough quality that they can easily be worn with a suit or even to more formal occasions, and that includes some really elegant larger faced watches.

In the end, just how you wear a watch really does depend on your own sense of style and how comfortable you are with the choices you make.