How To Keep Drinks Cold When You Are Away From The House

bellino rolling cooler with speakersWhether you are having a backyard cookout, a day at the beach, or a weekend or week long camping trip, keeping those drinks cold when you are away from the house makes every outdoor activity just a little bit more fun and comfortable.

Having a great cooler can help keep your drinks cold no matter where you may be.

There are a variety of different coolers you can choose from, including small coolers that only hold a couple of cans or bottles, to huge coolers that can hold a case full of cans.

There are even coolers with added features, such as radios or a cooler with speakers.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep drinks cold for as long as possible:

Chill Your Cooler In Advance

While using a cooler will help to keep those drinks cool, making sure that your cooler is chilled in advance will help keep those drinks even colder.

Some coolers are designed for the freezer.

Putting these coolers in the freezer the night before using them will cool down the inside of the cooler which aids in keeping your drinks colder.

For larger ice bearing coolers, cooling down the cooler with cold water prior to filling it with ice and your cold drinks, will help to cool down the interior of your cooler and keep your drinks colder for along.

Which Is Better: Ice Or Ice Packs

Placing ice packs inside the small coolers can work well to help keep drinks cold.

Try placing the small ice packs under the cans and along the sides if there is room.

Ensuring cold drinks are cold before placing them in the cooler will also help, as will packing them close together to keep less air from circulating between the cans or bottles.

For larger ice chests or coolers, crushed ice or ice cubes generally keep drinks colder than ice packs do.

Removing the ice from the bags and placing ice both under and over the drinks will help keep your drinks colder longer than simply placing a bag of ice into the cooler.

Keep in mind that if you are away from home for a long period of time, you may need to replace the ice.

You also want to make sure not to leave the cooler lid opened as this will expose the inside of the cooler to the warmer outside air.

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