How To Clean Kitchen Or Dining Room Chair Cushions

brentwood chair cushions with tiesYour kitchen and dining room chairs take a lot of abuse. Since these are the places where people do the majority of their eating, they suffer from spilled drinks, dropped foods, and often times the dirty feet or shoes of your children.

If you have chair cushions with ties on your kitchen and dining room chairs, chances are these cushions attract a variety of dirt and stains.

Knowing how to clean chair cushions and keep them looking good will prolong their life and keep your dining room or kitchen looking its best.

Vacuum Off Cushions After Every Meal

If you have a small hand vacuum that you can use to vacuum the cushions after each meal, then you will clean up any crumbs that have dropped and prevent them from being ground into the cushion.

For those who don’t have a hand vac, try using a soft cloth and brushing the crumbs into your hand or a dust pan.

Be careful not to push the crumbs into the cushion, but rather brush them across the top.

Clean Spills Immediately

No matter how careful you try to be, spills will happen occasionally.

By cleaning up those spills immediately, you can help prevent those wet spots from attracting dirt and prevent stains.

Plain water spills can be cleaned up simply by taking a dry clean cloth and placing it over the wet spot and soaking it up.

Blot the spot rather than the rub.

Clean up kool-aid and wine by using club soda and blotting the spot until the stain has disappeared.

Spills such as milk will need to have the cushion washed to keep the milk from souring.

Washing Your Cushions

When your kitchen and dining room chair cushions need a through cleaning, how you clean those cushions will depend a lot on the type of material the cushions are made from.

Cushions that are made from easy to wipe materials, such as faux leather, can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Other cushions can be cleaned best by steam cleaning and hung up to dry until the entire cushion is dried through, while others can be washed on a gentle cycle and hung up to dry.

By keeping on tops of those spills on your chair cushions, and treating and cleaning them on a regular basis, you will keep your kitchen or dining room chair cushions looking great for a long time to come.