Easy Ways Of Keeping Jewelry Wearable For Longer

Every woman has a collection of jewelry. Depending on the woman and her financial situation, that jewelry collection may be quite small or incredibly extensive.

The collection may also consist mainly of costume jewellery, or it may have several expensive high quality pieces.

Regardless of what your jewelry collection may be, there is usually a reason why you purchased each piece of jewelry you own, and you want each piece of jewelry to stay wearable for as long as possible.

Here are tips that will help you keep your jewelry in good shape for as long as possible, whether they are made from rare gems or wooden beads on a string:

Organizing Your Jewelry Properly Prevents Breakage

necklace holder wall mountLet’s face it, if you are like most women, you have more jewelry than you have proper storage for it.

This can result in your necklaces, earnings, and bracelets becoming hopelessly tangled.

Tangled jewelry can easily become broken, especially if you are trying to separate the pieces in a hurry.

So organizing your jewelry properly will actually help keep your jewelry wearable longer.

Something as simple as a necklace holder wall mount can keep your longer necklaces from becoming tangled together, and may even give you a convenient place to keep your matching earrings and bracelets as well.

That way you can reserve your jewelry box for those smaller items.

Get In The Habit Of Checking Your Jewelry Clasps Often

Over time, jewelry clasps may become worn and not close properly, or they may tend to start separating from your necklace or bracelet.

If you get in the habit of checking your clasps, both before putting on and when taking off a piece of jewellery, you can spot potential trouble before it occurs.

There is nothing sadder than losing a favorite piece of jewelry because the clasp breaks.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Another way you can keep your jewelry wearable longer is by periodically cleaning it.

There are jewelry-cleaning solutions that you can use at home that work well, even on inexpensive jewelry.

Wooden jewelry can often be cleaned with just a soft dust rag sprayed with a little wood polish.

Of course, you may want to take those expensive and heirloom pieces into a jewelry store to have them cleaned professionally to ensure that they stay as nice looking as the day you purchased them.

By following these few simple steps, you can keep all those pieces of jewelry wearable for much longer than you may have thought possible, and even end up handing some of them down to own children.