Doll Carrier For Bike Reviews

Looking for a doll carrier for bike so that your little girl can take her favorite doll or stuffed animal with her when she decides to go to a friends house, or for a ride in the park?

The fact is that many little girls become very attached to a specific doll or stuffed animal, and want to take their “baby” everywhere they go.

Having a doll carrier for your child’s bike ensures that they can carry their doll safely when they go riding.

Unfortunately, there really is not a lot of choices when it comes to doll carriers for bikes.

So here is a look at the few we have found:

Doll Bicycle Seat “Ride Along Dolly Review
Dolly Come Ride With Me Bicycle Seat Review
Bell Riderz Grill Handlebar Basket Review
ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier Review
Best Doll Carriers Comparison Table

Doll Bicycle Seat “Ride Along Dolly”

ride along dolly doll carrier for bikeSCS Direct manufactures the Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat. This company was founded in 1988 and focuses on innovative products that are little known, and improving upon them to make a better product.

Currently, this company offers a variety of products for the home, electronics, outdoor living items, and children and infant toys.

The Ride Along Dolly Bicycle Seat is only one of two doll bicycle seats that we could find.

The Ride Along Doll Carrier bicycle seat has some nice features including:

  • The fact that it attaches to the bike’s seat post
  • Fits dolls 18 to 22 inches and weigh under three pounds
  • Comes with girl themed decals so you child can customize the doll seat
  • Designed for kids 3 and up
  • Reasonably priced

First Impressions

The Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat is cute and functional.

While it is not extremely durable, with proper care it should last most little girls until they grow out of the phase where they feel they need to take their dolly with them everywhere they go.

This reasonably priced seat does offer a safe way for your child to transport their doll, rather than trying to carry it when they are riding their bike.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The reviews for the Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat are quite positive, with high ratings.

Little girls love this seat and are thrilled that their dolly can now go with them when they are out riding their bike.

Parents who have children who use this doll carrier have several positive things to say about this doll carrier for bikes:

  • Easy to install. Most parents found that this doll seat was easy to attach to their child’s bike taking little time at all
  • Super cute
  • Their child loves it, which of course is an important consideration for most parents
  • Good price

There were a couple of things that did raise some concerns with some of the parents, these concerns were:

  • The seat doesn’t seem to be able to be attached to every bike in the way it is supposed to be
  • Some parents found that the tilt on the seat, allowed for longer haired doll hair to become tangled in the spokes of the tires

Overall, parents were thrilled with the Ride Along Dolly bicycle seat and were simply delighted that they were even to find a doll seat to fit on the back of their child’s bicycle.

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Dolly Come Ride With Me Bicycle Seat

dolly come ride with me doll carrier for bikeThe Dolly Come Ride With Me bicycle seat was designed by a Mom herself, and is a one off product that was designed to meet a specific need.

Considering the lack of options for bicycle seat type doll carriers, this was a product that was much needed.

The Dolly Come Ride With Me Bicycle Seat has just the right amount of features to make this the perfect seat for your child’s favorite doll including:

  • Attaches to the seat post easily
  • The doll seat itself has adjustable Velcro straps to hold your doll in place
  • Holds 18 to 22 inch dolls that weigh less than 3 pounds
  • The doll seat has a reflector on the back for added visibility and safety
  • Designed for children 3 years and up

First Impressions

The Dolly Come Ride With Me Doll Carrier for a bike is cute and extremely affordable.

While it is not what most would consider to be a top of the line product, it isn’t meant to be designed to see your child into adulthood, it is meant to be used for two or three years at most.

It is also meant to be a stationary toy that simply holds a doll when your child is riding their bike, so how strong does it really need to be?

What The Reviews Have To Say

The reviews for the Dolly Come Ride With Me bicycle seat are somewhat mixed, with this doll carrier earning slightly above average ratings.

One of the most common comments by parents, is that they purchased this seat because it was only one of two bike seats for dolls available.

Since these parents felt as though they had little choice, this may in part account for the somewhat iffy reviews.

Here are what parents had to say about this doll carrier:

  • Extremely cute but made of cheap plastic that doesn’t look or feel very durable
  • Works like it was intended, but too high priced for what you actually get
  • Their children love this seat and are thrilled to have it

In general, while most parents admitted that the Dolly Come Ride With Me bicycle seat performed as it was supposed to, and that their little girls were thrilled with the seat and loved playing with it, the lack of choice when it came to buying this product may have influenced their liking for this doll carrier.

Several parents stated they would have rated it higher if it had been a little bit cheaper.

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Bell Riderz Grill Handlebar Basket

bell riderz glitter grill handlebar doll carrier for bikeOpened in 1950, the Bell Helmet company is a member company of Bikes Belong, an organization dedicated to getting people on bikes more often.

While this company normally makes a variety of bike helmets and other bike accessories, their Grill Handlebar Basket will definitely get little girls to ride their bikes more often, since they can carry their favorite toys along.

The Bell Riderz Grill Handlebar basket is a bicycle basket designed especially for little girls.

Some of the features of this basket include:

  • Woven construction with pink and purple accents
  • Fits most bikes and trikes
  • Holds a variety of things including dolls and stuffed animals

First Impressions

This basket is cute and would be good on any little girls bike.

While it is not a doll bicycle seat, it will hold your child’s favorite doll, and is actually more suitable for children whose favorite take along dolls are Barbies or Bratz, as the basket will hold these smaller size dolls quite efficiently.

They will also hold other toys as well, giving your child more choice in what toy to take along with them when going to a friends house or off to play at the park.

What The Reviews Have to Say

The reviews for this doll carrier for bikes are reasonably positive with the Bell Riderz Grill handlebar basket scoring fairly high ratings.

Here is what some of the parents have to say about this bicycle basket:

  • The basket is cute and perfect for little girls
  • It is easy to attach to the bicycle, although most parents agree that the straps that attach to the bike are weak and break easily, and suggest connecting this basket using velcro or plastic ties to ensure that the basket does not fall off at an inopportune time
  • There seems to be some disagreement as to quality, with most parents stating the basket is well made, and few claiming it fell apart almost immediately

Overall, given the limited choices of doll carriers for bikes, this basket is considered an excellent choice by many parents.

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ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier

ergobaby original doll carrier for bikeIf you are looking for a doll carrier for your child’s bike, chances are you have already discovered your choices are extremely limited.

However, there are some doll carriers made for children that just like the baby carriers adults use to carry their infants.

The ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier is one of these carriers.

The ERGObaby original doll carrier has many nice features that allow your child to carry their “baby” just like you carry your baby.

These features include:

  • 100% cotton canvas body construction
  • Padded shoulder straps (chest straps on some)
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 2.3” X 7” X 10”

First Impressions

This doll carrier is as cute as a button, and actually quite realistic.

Any child who was carried in this type of baby carrier by their parents will love having one to carry their own baby doll in.

The fact that this doll carrier is machine washable makes it easy to keep the carrier clean no matter how rough your child may treat it.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the ERGO doll carrier are exceptional.

Most parents who purchased this carrier for their small children are not only happy with their purchase, but also report that their child is thrilled with this carrier as well and use it often.

Here are some of the features that parents loved about the ERGObaby original doll carrier:

  • Holds your child’s doll really securely
  • Works better for softer dolls than those made of hard plastic
  • Extremely cute
  • Well made
  • Actually looks and works like a real baby carrier

While this baby carrier doesn’t actually attach to a bike, smaller children can use it when walking or traveling in a car, and slightly older children may be able to wear it while riding their bike to the park or a friends house.

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Best Bike Doll Carrier Comparison Table

When it comes to choosing a doll carrier for your little girl, you know which one is better suited for your child’s personality and needs.

With that in mind, we try to help you find the perfect doll carrier for bike, walking, or travelling in the family car, by extensively researching the top doll bike carriers currently available and putting them together in a comparison table to make your decision easier.

The information in the comparison chart includes:

  • Brand name, description and image of each doll carrier (clickable links to get more information from
  • Features of each doll carrier
  • Additional notes to help you make the perfect choice




Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals (Fits 18" American Girl and Standard Sized Dolls and Stuffed Animals)

Fits 18-Inch American Girl, Standard Sized Dolls And Stuffed Animals, Easy To Attach To Seat Post

Includes Girl Themed Decals, (See Review Above)

Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat

Holds Most Dolls 18-Inch to 22-Inch in Length And Stuffed Animals, Reflector Tape For Increase Visibility, Easy to Attact To Seat Post, Adjustable Velcro Straps

Best Seller, (See Review Above)

ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier, Galaxy Grey

100% Cotton Canvas, Padded Shoulder Straps, Padded Waist Strap, Can Be Worn Front Or Back, Machine Washable

Available In: Mystic Purple, Giraffe, Zebra, Galaxy Gray, Galaxy Grey, (See Review Above)

The Queen's Treasures Child's Backpack with 18" Doll Sleeping Bag, Pink

queens treasures doll carrier

Child's Backpack With Built-In Doll Carrier And Doll-Sized Sleeping Bag, Fits 18-Inch And 15-Inch American Girl and Bitty Baby

Backpack measures 10"W x 3"D x 15"H and sleeping bag measures 10" x 19"

Boba Mini Toy Doll Carrier (Lila)

100% Cotton, For Children Aged 3 And Over, Prints For Both Girls And Boys

Available In: Lila, Dusk, Safari, Kangaroo, Montenegro, Tweet

Beco Mini Toy Doll Carrier Carnival

For Baby Dolls and Stuffed Animals, Can Be Worn Front Or Back

Modeled After The Grown-Up Sized Beco Carrier

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat

Hard Plastic Base, Lined With Soft White Fabric, 2 Pink Straps For Dolls Arms, 1 Strap For Dolls Legs, Large Cream Handle

Light Enough For Little Ones To Carry

CHOU CHOU Comfort Seat

Straps, Little Bear Strap, Fold-Down Handle

Light And Easy For Child To Handle

Boba Mini Doll Carrier - Soho

100% Cotton, For Children Aged 3 And Over, Prints For Both Boys And Girls

Available In: Lila, Dusk, Safari, Kangaroo, Montenegro, Tweet

Alexander Dolls Cloth Layette Carrier, Play Alexander Collection

Soft Pink Heart Fabric, Fits 12-Inch And 14-Inch Dolls, Fluffy Heart Shaped Pillow, Handles

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years

Lissi Front Doll Carrier

Multi Color Print, Fits Up To 21-Inch  Baby Dolls, Adjustable Straps

For Ages 3 And Up

Corolle Mon Premier Doll Accessories (Small Carry Bed)

Fits Corolle Calin And Tidoo Dolls, Soft Quited Fabric, Fits Baby Dolls Up To 12 Inches Tall, Matching Pillow, Handles, Lightweight

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years

Doll Or Stuffed Toy Booster Seat - Blue Dot

Fits Dolls From 12 To 22 Inches, Removable And Washable Fabric Cover, Attaches To Vehicle Seat Using Seat Belt Or Latch Attachment, 5-Point Harness, Fully Adjustable For Height And Width

Crash Tested For Passenger Safety

Baby Stella Snuggle Up Front Carrier

Velcro-Like Closures For Easy Attachment

Suitable For 3 Years+

Joovy Doll Or Stuffed Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink

Fits Dolls From 12 To 22 Inches, 5 Point Harness, Attaches Into Vechicle Using Seat Belt Or Latch Attachment, Removable And Washable Delux Fabric Cover

Crash Tested For Passenger Safety

Your Choice

Now that you have seen some of the best doll carriers for a kids bike and for general use, and had a chance to read the detailed reviews on the best doll bike carriers, it’s up to you to pick the doll carrier that best suits your needs, is in your price range, and suits your little girl.

The above comparison table and review will be updated to reflect any changes in the doll carriers offered.

Doll Bicycle Seat “Ride Along Dolly Review
Dolly Come Ride With Me Bicycle Seat Review
Bell Riderz Grill Handlebar Basket Review
ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier Review
Best Doll Carriers Comparison Table

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