4th Of July Dog Safety Tips

dog safety tipsFor most people who own dogs, they are much more than man’s best friend.

They are our constant companions, the holder of our secrets, and a very real part of our families.

Because we love them so, we want to include them in all aspects of our daily lives, including our holiday celebrations.

However, some holidays can pose dangers to those pets we love so much.

So here are a few dog safety tips on how to keep your dog safe while celebrating Independence Day:

Keeping Your Dog From Getting Lost

One of the biggest dangers for dogs during the Independence Day celebrations is the increased chance that your dog may get lost.

Even the most well behaved dog, who would never leave your yard at any other time, can become frightened at all the loud noises, strangers coming and going, and the change in routine.

All it takes is one guest forgetting to latch that gate, and your precious pooch may make a run for it, looking for somewhere quieter.

While you can’t keep guests from forgetting to latch gates or shut doors, you can help prevent your dog from getting lost, by providing him with a place to go where he feels safe.

Also, make sure that all the proper dog tags are attached to that patriotic dog collar he is sporting for the occasion.

Should your dog get out and become lost, having a dog tag with your name, address and phone number, will make it easy for anyone who finds him to contact you.

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Another real danger to dogs during the 4th of July is heat stroke.

July is one of the hottest months of the year, and while we humans have the option of wandering in and out of an air conditioned house, or perhaps jumping into a pool should we get too warm during those backyard celebrations, your dog may not have the same options.

In order to keep your pet from suffering from heat stroke, provide them with an area they can go that has plenty of shade and cool water to drink.

If your yard is spacious, you may even want to provide them with one of those plastic kiddie pools with a bit of water in it, so that they can sit or roll in it to help keep them feeling cool! (dogs cool off through their mouths and their feet)

Be Sure To Keep Deadly Food Out of Your Pets Reach

Backyard cookouts are practically a condition for Independence Day, and of course, you want to include your dog in the fun and mingling, but you do need to know that food that we all love and is harmless to humans, may be deadly to your pet.

Foods such as onions, grapes, chocolate and alcohol may be safe for human consumption, but may make your dog violently sick or even kill him.

So keep human food out of the reach of your pet, and if you are having young children at your celebration that are likely to drop food, then put your pooch in the house until after the meal and clean-up is over with.

Fireworks and Fido Don’t Mix

You also need to remember that no matter how brave your dog may be, fireworks frighten most dogs.

The loud bangs, the flashes of light, and the odor that penetrates the air, can all serve to cause your dog a great deal of anxiety.

When attending fireworks displays, do your pet a favor and leave him at home.

If fireworks are going off close by your home or the place you are staying, try to keep your dog indoors, and supply him with a kennel or another place where he feels safe, where he can get away and just chill until after everything is over.

By making sure your dog is safe during the holiday, both you and your pet will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday much more.

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