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With summer almost half gone and those tailgating parties right around the corner, it seems like everyone wants a cooler with speakers.

Sure those MP3 players and Ipads are great when you are spending a solo day at the beach, but when you go with friends or family, you want to be able to share those great beach tunes, as well as those cold drinks and sandwiches.

But you don’t want to have to tote a anything large across that hot sand.

Which means that having a cooler that you plug your iPad or MP3 player into and holds cold drinks is a great idea.

So, here is a look at three of the coolest coolers with speakers you are likely to find:

Picnic Plus Cooladio Cooler With Built In Radio And Digital Music MP3 Speakers Review
Bellino Sound Cooler Review
Bellino Rolling Speaker Cooler Review

Picnic Plus Cooladio Cooler With Built In Radio And Digital Music MP3 Speakers

picnic plus cooler with speakers

Spectrum Diversified has long been known as a company that offers storage and organizational solutions for inside your home.

However, the Picnic Plus Cooladio cooler with built in radio and digital music MP3 speakers proves that they can help you to organize that camping trip, tailgate party or day at the beach as well.

The Picnic Plus Cooladio has just the right features to make this cooler a great cooler to take along to the beach. to that tailgate party, or to simply take with you to that back yard cookout at your neighbors.

Here are some of the features for this cooler:

  • 600 denier nylon exterior
  • Leak proof interior
  • MP3 and CD ready jacks included
  • AC/DC adapter jack
  • 18 can capacity
  • Cooler is designed like a backpack making it easy to carry when hiking to a campsite or across a beach
  • Description for this coolers states it needs a 9V battery, but actual users say you actually need 4 AA batteries. (Batteries are not included with the cooler)

First Impressions

The nylon exterior of the this cooler makes it easy to wipe clean.

The 18 can capacity easily allows a couple to pack an entire picnic lunch and some drinks so that they can spend more time at the beach.

The speakers allow them to listen to music together, as well as share their music with friends.

The fact that it can be carried like a backpack makes it great when you have to make your way across acres of sand, as it keeps your hands free for carrying those beach chairs and that bag with your towels, sunscreen and other essentials.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews seemed to like the Cooladio and found that it did a good job of keeping your drinks cold in really hot weather and for listening to music at the beach.

While the speakers certainly aren’t high end speakers, they seem to work well enough for more casual situations.

While some customers feel that the batteries don’t last long, others feel you can use the speakers for a fairly long time on a set of batteries.

In either case, purchasing rechargeable batteries will probably save you some money in the long run.

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Bellino Sound Cooler

bellino sound  cooler with speakers

Bellino make high quality bags for travellers, regardless of whether you are travelling by plane, train, car, or on foot.

If you are going around the world or simply spending the day in the park or at the beach, Bellino makes a bag suitable for your use.

The Bellino Sound cooler is the perfect “bag” to take on those excursions to the beach, to the mountains, or even just down the road.

The Bellino Sound cooler has just the right features to make this cooler the ideal cooler to take along on that beach or weekend getaway.

These features include:

  • Cooler holds 24 cans inside and has speakers on the outside for amplifying the music from your MP3 player
  • Plenty of pockets to store those extras: side mesh pocket, dual front zip pockets, and easy close Velcro flap on top for easy access to the interior without having to unzip the lid
  • Takes 4 AA batteries ( batteries not included)
  • Comes with shoulder strap for easy carrying

First Impressions

The gray trim on this bag makes it look sophisticated, while the shoulder strap makes for easy carrying of the cooler when your hands are full of other beach accessories.

This cooler holds 24 cans, so it should hold enough cold drinks to keep everyone’s thirst at bay while lying in the sun or picnicking in the park.

The added speakers mean you can share your favorite tunes with the entire gang.

What The Reviews Have To Say

While there aren’t a lot of reviews at present on the interent for the Bellino Sound cooler, there are enough scattered at different places to tell that most customers who purchase this cooler really like it, and think it works fine for the dual purpose of keeping drinks cold and listening to music.

Here are a few features that customers specifically mentioned:

  • Nice size cooler
  • Speakers sound pretty good
  • Keeps drinks cool for good period of time

Overall, people really like this cooler with speakers and were happy to recommend it.

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Bellino Rolling Speaker Cooler

bellino rolling cooler with speakers

The Bellino rolling speaker cooler is made by the same company that manufacturers the Bellino sound cooler, paying the same attention to detail for this large cooler that they did in the smaller easy to carry version.

The rolling speaker cooler holds twice the number of cans as the Bellino sound cooler does.

But you don’t have to worry about carrying around all that added weight from those extra 24 cans, because this cooler has wheels, making it easy to transport when full.

The Bellino rolling cooler has all the right features to make this cooler the ideal cooler to own, to take along on those family camping trips, tailgate parties, or simply that impromptu to get together at the beach.

These features include:

  • You can connect an iPod, MP3 player, or CD inside the front pocket
  • Made of 600 D polyester
  • Comes with dual interior speakers
  • Large main compartment for carrying along food and beverages
  • Removable lining for easy cleaning
  • Holds a whopping 48 cans
  • Has dual carry handles plus a pull out handle for pulling this cart along using the wheels
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

First Impressions

This large cooler with speakers is ideal for keeping things cool on that family camping trip, while at the same time sharing a little music with the entire family.

Nothing like tucking the little ones into bed and sitting around the campfire and enjoying a bit of music after a long active day.

What The Reviews Have To Say

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of reviews for the Bellino rolling speaker cooler at present.

However, the few that can be found are impressive, indicating that those who purchase this large cooler find it perfect to meet their needs.

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