Best Wii Games For Weight Loss Reviews

If you want to lose weight, then exercise is almost a must. But let’s face it, most people aren’t going to want to stick to boring exercise routines, which is why more and more people are looking for the best Wii games for weight loss.

While Wii fitness games are “games” in the traditional sense, they are designed to be far more fun than walking on a treadmill, or those intense exercise videos that you need to be already in shape to do, and different games will offer you different styles of exercise.

So, if you are looking for a more fun way to exercise at home and own a Wii by Nintendo, then here are some of the best Wii games for weight loss we could find:

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout-Nintendo Wii Review
My Fitness Coach Nintendo Wii Review
EA Sports Active: More Workouts Nintendo Wii Review
Zumba Fitness Review
Zumba Fitness Core-Nintendo Wii Review

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout-Nintendo Wii By Ubisoft

golds gym best wii games for weightloss from ubisoftUbisoft is a large French video game developer that is considered to be the third largest game developer in the world.

They have developed a number of workout games for the Wii, one of which is the Gold’s Gym Dance Workout For Wii, and they have tried to infuse it with a bit of fun and interest.

This game offers a variety of fun muscle strengthening and calorie burning activities, it and has the following features:

  • This game offers you 3 basic styles of exercise; Dance, Boxing Moves, and Mini Games
  • This game can be played by one or two players, so you can exercise with a friend making it even more fun
  • Some of the activities you can do besides dancing include; Rodeo Bull Riding, Rowing, Karate, and Sword Fighting
  • You can build your own circuit program or let the game create one for you
  • Can dance to hit songs and maybe pick up some new dance steps along the way
  • Intensity of workouts increase based on performance
  • Game includes your complete exercise history, including the amount of time you played, calories burned, and BMI
  • Tutorials show you some of the dance moves in advance, to help you learn the steps and keep up

First Impressions

Because this game increases the intensity of the workouts based on actual performance, this provide a good way for those people who are unfit to start exercising.

Even if it is not possible to achieve the starting level of exercise, you can work on increasing your fitness, and then continue to increase your fitness with more challenges as you go along.

The mini games also seem like a good way to forget you are exercising and just have fun while burning a few calories.

This does seem to be more an exercise game for those who have not exercised for some time and who are just trying to achieve a minimum to medium fitness level in a fun way.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for this Gold’s Gym Dance Nintendo Wii Workout Game are mixed. The more positive and high rated reviews seem to be from those people who are just looking to start exercising and burning calories in a fun way, or those who are just looking to mix up some of their regular exercise routine.

Lower rated reviews seem to be from those who are in fairly good shape already, and who have used more advanced DVDs or Wii workout games before buying this one.

Overall, there are far more positive reviews than negative reviews for this Wii game.

Here is what people like about this workout game:

  • The personal trainer option takes your information and allows those who are really unfit to begin with very short workouts (This is an excellent way for beginners to be challenged without feeling overwhelmed)
  • It’s almost like having a private gym class in the privacy of your home
  • Dance steps are hard to follow at first, especially for those who have little Latin dance experience
  • Gets you moving and is fun learning new dance moves
  • The workouts vary, which helps prevent boredom
  • As long as you keep trying you burn calories and will improve
  • Good musical selections to dance to
  • Some of the games are fun

Here are some of the things that some customers dislike about this workout program:

  • There are a lot of exercisers that is only 3 minutes long
  • Takes a lot of time to load a new game
  • Isn’t as challenging as other Wii fitness games

Please keep in mind that not every Wii weightloss game is going to be right for everyone, and the very things that some customers dislike about this game, may be the things that others choose the game for and love.

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My Fitness Coach Nintendo Wii By Ubisoft

my fitness coach best wii games for weight loss from ubisoftAnother great Wii game for losing weight by Ubisoft is the My Fitness Coach Wii Game.

This game is less gamelike than many fitness games, but does offer a lot of exercise options.

Features of the My Fitness Coach game include:

  • Virtual personal trainer (named Maya) who demonstrates the moves, gives advice, and offers encouragement
  • An evaluation of your current fitness level and the setting of personalized fitness goals based on what you want to accomplish
  • Over 500 exercises keep things new and interesting
  • Allows you to choose your own type of music to exercise to, as well as giving you a choice of 8 different environments
  • Can choose your length of program and chart your progress

First Impressions

The My Fitness Coach Wii Game seems like a great game for each individual, as it helps to identify your current fitness level and then improve upon it.

The fact that you can choose the length of your program makes this game ideal for people who are really unfit and who have to start with extremely short exercise programs until they build up strength and stamina.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for My Fitness Coach Wii Workout Game are very good, although there are some negative reviews that do make some valid points that you will want to take into consideration before purchasing this game.

These points include:

  • Most of the exercises are high impact, so may not be suitable for people who have joint or back problems
  • Need a lot of space for these workouts
  • No step by step directions
  • Not really interactive

However, as you would expect from a game that gets high ratings, there are many things that customers really enjoy about this workout game, including:

  • More like a workout DVD
  • Lots of music choices
  • Gives a thorough fitness test
  • Contains a lot of jumping, skipping, hopping and squats, and so it really burns those calories

Overall, this My Fitness Coach Wii Workout is quite popular with the majority of customers who felt they benefited immensely from it.

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EA Sports Active: More Workouts Nintendo Wii

sports active best wii games for weight loss from electronic artsElectronic Arts was established in 1982 and was an early pioneer in computer games, and the technology of this company’s games has grown along with the advances in gaming technologies.

The EA Sports Active More Workouts Nintendo Wii is the second Sports Active Wii game designed by this company.

Features of this game include:

  • Can workout alone or with a buddy
  • 35 workout and fitness activities to keep you interested
  • 6 week challenge let’s you test your increase in fitness levels, and can be used by both those new to the EA Sports Active and those with experience
  • Personal trainer allows you to transfer details such as age, weight, name and gender from old game to new one
  • Includes fitness and nutritional tips to help you lose weight and increase fitness levels faster than with just exercise alone
  • Includes fun workout activities like squash and an obstacle course
  • Many of the accessories you need are not included with the game

First Impressions

If you have not exercised in a while, you might want to start with the first EA Sports Active Game, as this game builds on the fitness you achieved through using the previous game.

One great thing about this fitness game is that it gives you a full body workout and let’s you compare each 4 week results with the previous 4 weeks, so you can actually see your weight decrease and your fitness levels increase.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the EA Sports Active More Workouts Game are quite positive, with most customers giving this workout good ratings.

Those customers who rate this game low, do so mostly due to the fact that you need to buy certain accessories to use the game or complete all of the activities.

However, the benefits of this game far outweigh the disadvantages, and here are some of the benefits customers found when using this game to lose weight and get fit:

  • Game has good motion recognition
  • Really makes you sweat and encourages you to get fit in a fun way
  • You can make it easier or harder to achieve fitness levels
  • Takes a holistic approach to getting fit with the emphasis on exercise

All in all, the majority of customers got tremendous benefit from this EA Sports Active More Workouts Wii Game and found it perfect for their needs.

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Zumba Fitness By Majesco

zumba fitness best wii games for weight loss from majescoMajesco Entertainment has been mass marketing entertainment video games for 22 years.

This Zumba Fitness Game By Majesco is a fun way to burn calories while getting in on the Zumba craze (a mixture of Latin dance and cardio exercise) that has become increasingly popular.

Here are the features of this Wii fitness and weight loss game:

  • Game comes with the belt you will need to use while playing the game
  • Tutorials teaching steps are broken into segments
  • This video is broken into beginner, intermediate, and expert style classes
  • You must successfully complete one class to unlock the next more difficult class
  • 30 routines in all

First Impressions

This game may be difficult for those people with no Zumba or other dance experience, as picking up the steps may be really challenging.

However, it is good that you can keep working on one part of the game and actually master the dance steps before moving on to the next class.

But, if it takes considerable time to build up your stamina, or learn the specific steps necessary to open the next class, some people may become bored.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Review ratings for the Zumba Fitness Wii Game run from mediocre to good. While the majority of people who purchased this game did like it and find it helpful, some customers have very credible complaints.

So let’s take a look at the benefits and handicaps of this game separately:


Displeased customers found the following problems with this Wii Zumba Fitness Game:

  • Poor graphics make it hard for you to choose from the menu, or even see what the “instructor” is doing, so you can’t follow along well
  • Tutorials showing the steps you need are presented way too fast to follow, and while you can pause the game to practice the steps, you can’t always see what the steps are to practice
  • Even the beginner level has the game moving too fast to really see what is going on and follow the moves accurately
  • Simply sitting on the couch and waving your arms will get a “good job” from the instructor, so you don’t really have to master anything


  • Definitely works up a sweat and burns calories to help with weight loss and fitness, which is the idea of this game
  • 20 minute sessions make it easy to workout daily
  • Game is similar to actual Zumba classes
  • It’s a fun way to burn calories, exercise, and improve fitness levels

While there are mixed reactions to this Zumba Fitness Wii game, some customers felt they did gain from it and that it helped them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

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Zumba Fitness Core-Nintendo Wii By Majesco

zumba fitness core best wii games for weight loss from majescoAnother Zumba fitness game by Majesco is the Zumba Fitness Core Nintendo Wii Game.

This game is designed to help burn calories while increasing your core strength, and giving you a total body workout.

Features of this game include:

  • Provides for sculptured abs and a total body workout, helping you to tone your body while burning calories
  • Includes 40 new songs
  • 30+ different dance styles
  • The ability to set personal and community fitness goals
  • Nutritional and lifestyle tips
  • Tutorials break down dance moves to make the game easier to play

First Impressions

Being able to tone all your muscle groups while burning calories, will not only help you to lose weight, but will result in a better looking body overall.

However, you may want to take a Zumba class or view some free Zumba lessons on YouTube that break down the steps and show them in slower motion, so that you can get the hang of at least some of these steps before using this game.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Zumba Fitness Core WII Game are much better than for the “Zumba Fitness”.

This seems to be the result of a combination of people getting used to the first Zumba game, better graphics, and more realistic expectations of what this game provides.

It is also nice that this game includes lifestyle and nutritional tips to give you a more holistic approach to losing weight and getting fit.

While there are some negative reviews across the internet, the complaints are extremely varied from person to person, and seem to be based more on personal preference than any problem with the game itself.

The positive reviews from customers include the following benefits:

  • Goes great with the first two Zumba games
  • The choreography is nicely varied, as are the music selections
  • Lots of variety and movement
  • Extremely fun and challenging – doesn’t really feel like exercise so much as just having fun
  • Never gets old

Finding the best Wii weight loss games can help you to shed those unwanted pounds, tone up your body, and have fun while doing it.

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