Best Bike Racks for Garage Review

Owning a bike not only can provide you with a means of inexpensive transportation and exercise, it’s also great for recreation. However, when bikes are not in use, it’s hard to store them out of the elements and in a safe location that will help prevent theft. Plus, storing a large item, like a bike, can take up much needed storage, work, or living space. The ideal solution to this problem is finding the right or bike rack or racks for garage, apartment, or shed. Here is a review of the best and highest rated horizontal and vertical bike racks, bike racks for the garage wall, pole bike racks, bike hoists, and even bike racks that can be used as freestanding rack.



Bike Storage Rack (Holds 6 Bikes) by Monkeybar Storage

The birth of the Monkey Bar Storage Bike RackMonkeybar Storage Company proves that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Jared Newman was trying to clean and organize his garage
and began looking for those organizational products for his garage, but was unable to find any that were suitable for his needs so he decided to create his own. This decision was what led to the Monkeybar storage company which now designs and manufacturers a variety of different and unique storage products to meet a variety of storage solutions.

The Monkeybar Bike Storage Rack has features that include:

  • Holds 4 to 6 bikes on garage wall and off the floor
  • Hooks slide on bar for easy adjustments
  • Steel components are powder coated
  • Installs in 15 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wall storage 48” wide
  • Holds up to 200 pounds

First Impressions

This garage wall mounted storage rack is a great idea for families or for couples who have both mountain and street bikes as it easily holds 4 bikes for day to storage and can hold 6 bikes for long term storage. The rack holds bikes by the wheel and the easy slide hooks allows you to space the bikes on the rack as near or far apart as is comfortable for you.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the Monkeybar Storage Bike Storage rack are extremely good with several users did say state that they felt more secure purchasing longer screws to hold the rack to the wall. Other than a change in length of screws features that users really appreciate include:

  • Stores in the Stated Amount of Time- Monkeybar bike storage states that this bike storage rack can be put up and ready to use in 15 minutes. Users find this time frame to be accurate and in some cases the rack can be installed even a few minutes faster, making it easy to get those bikes up off your garage floor quickly which users really appreciate.
  • Bar and Brackets are Sturdy- Users find that the bars and brackets that make up this rack are extremely sturdy and capable of holding 4 to 6 bikes easily and safely.
  • Nice quality Coating- Users also find that the coating on this rack is well done which makes it more likely that this rack will last for several years of use.

Users did offer tips to others thinking of purchasing this garage wall rack. These tips include:

  • Install the bike far enough away from the wall that handle bars don’t push the bike out of place.
  • It is best not to hang more than 4 or 5 bikes as this leaves room to remove the bikes easily.
  • Stagger the hanging bikes so that you alternate the bike handlebars up and down.

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LeHigh Crawford Flip Up Storage Rack #FSR13

Lehigh Crawford Flip Up Bike RackCrawford Organization offers a broad assortment of hooks and hangers as well as Peg board accessories to meet various storage needs of their consumers. The LeHigh Crawford flip up storage rack has the following features:

  • Holds one bike
  • No mar vinyl cushions cover 3/8” diameter arms to protect your bicycle
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Designed to mount on single wall stud
  • Flips up flat against the wall when not in use
  • Easy installation
  • This rack is 13 inches from wall and 12 inches wide

First Impressions

This bike rack is ideal for storing a single bike both in the garage or in an apartment if no garage is available. Since it attaches to a single stud you won’t have to worry about multiple holes in your wall as this rack only attaches with two screws.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the Crawford flip up bike rack are extremely good. Some users do suggest buying longer and better screws, but for the most part users are impressed with how well this rack functions for those looking to hang a single bike. Features that users find most helpful include:

  • Easy Set Up- This bike rack can literally be attached to the wall in just minutes and the bike hung instantly upon installation. All you really need to do is locate a stud and attach the rack using two screws.
  • Sturdy– Users find this bike rack incredibly sturdy stating it holds bikes that weigh as much as 30 pounds easily.
  • Inexpensive- In this day and age when everyone is worried about rising costs finding a bike rack that functions well and doesn’t cost as much as a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee is a worth investing in.

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Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Rack

Racor Pro Bike StandRacor Storage solutions is a company that offers products to meet the storage needs for those who own bikes and other sports equipment as well as all of those lawn and garden tools and supplies. The Racor Pro two-bike gravity freestanding bike rack is a vertical bike rack that can either stand alone or be attached to wall with an anchor screw for added support. Features of this rack includes:

  • Comes designed to hold two bikes although you can also purchase the 4 bike Racor pro bike rack as well.
  • Vinyl coated cradle protects your bike from scratches and damage
  • No bolts, screws, or fastener required although the company does suggest using the anchor screw that comes with the rack for additional stability.
  • Curved floor base with rubberized guards
  • Angled and straight bars
  • Measures 79” X 26” X 19”
  • Lifetime warranty

First Impressions

The Racor Pro two-bike gravity bike rack is a vertical bike rack that holds bikes off the floor in a vertical position. While this rack may be used as a freestanding bike rack the curved base and vertical bar seems like it would lack stability unless anchored to the wall.

What the Reviews Say

The Racor Bike stand seems to be a popular bike stand and it does get good reviews, although some users did indicate that they were somewhat disappointed that this rack was really sturdy enough to use as free standing bike rack. However, overall users did feel this bike rack met their individual needs and felt that the following features of this rack was helpful.

  • Easy to Assemble– This bike rack is fairly easy to assemble and the directions are straight forward. It is a simple matter of putting the tubing together in the right order.
  • Sturdy When Used with the Anchor Screw- Users who used the anchor screw to attach this rack to the wall of their garage or apartment found this rack to be sturdy with the added wall support making it easy to get their bike on and off the rack.
  • Works for Bikes With Slanted Crossbars- Users liked the fact that this bike rack works perfectly for holding bikes with slanted cross bars, making it easy to store all different styles of bike frames on this rack.

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Stoneman Sports DBR 9161-CP Sparehand Q Rack Freestanding Adjustable 2-bike storage rack for all Frame Types (Chrome Finish)

Stoneman Sports Bike RackStoneman Sports manufacturers products for bikes, grilling and kayaking. The Stoneman Sports Sparehand Q Rack freestanding adjustable 2-bike storage rack is a pole bike rack that is designed to hold your bike securely off of the floor. Features of this bike rack includes:

  • Holds a maximum weight of 80 pounds
  • Holds a maximum of 2 bikes
  • Adjusts from 71” to 114” to accommodate different ceiling heights
  • Fits all bike sizes and frame styles
  • Keeps even the heaviest bike frame stored securely
  • Durable chrome finish
  • 1 year warranty

First Impressions

The Q rack standing storage rack is not exactly free standing as it must use both the floor and ceiling of your garage to hold the pole of the rack in an upright position and keep it stable. However this rack truly needs no screws or fasteners and relies on the applying of pressure against the floor and ceiling to hold it in place.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this bike rack are good with users finding this rack both functional and convenient. Features that users find most useful includes:

  • Light weight but sturdy– Although this pole bicycle rack is extremely lightweight making it easy for even a small person to put into place it is extremely sturdy when it is set up correctly which seems to impress a majority of the users.
  • No Hook or Screw Assembly- Users also like the fact that you don’t have to drill holes or attach hooks to your walls or ceilings in order to set and use this bike rack.
  • Lasts for Years- Users also reported owning this bike rack for up to 5 years and that it was still in good condition. Considering the price of this bike rack it’s durability makes it a great value for those who intend to enjoy years of biking.

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RAD Cycle Products Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist for Garage Storage 100lb. Capacity Mountain Bike Hoist

Rad Bike LiftRAD cycle products is a top seller of cycling products for every bicycle enthusiast whether professional or amateur. Features of the RAD cycle bike lift hoist for garage storage includes:

  • Hooks that are designed with rubber coating to protect the Bike from scratches keeping the finish looking good.
  • 100 Pound capacity
  • Designed for ceilings up to 12 feet
  • Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release of the hoist ropes
  • Thick ropes for more security
  • Suspends a single bike
  • Bike hangs by the handlebars and seats
  • Lifetime warranty

First Impressions

This bike hoist lifts your bike from the floor of your garage to the ceiling allowing you to reserve that floor space for those DYI projects, parking your car or storing items on the floor. The nice thing about this storage hoist rack is that you don’t need to be able to lift your bike and then hook it on hooks above your head, but rather place the hooks on the seat and handle bars and then simply pull a rope and allow the pulley to do all the physical labor for you.

What the Reviews Say

This bike hoist lift bike rack is quite popular and gets extremely good reviews. In fact, some users like this hoist so well that they have reporting buying multiples of this hoist to hang all of their bikes from the rafters in their garage. Here are the features that users find the most helpful.

  • Locking Mechanism for Rope- The rocking mechanism for the rope allows you lift your bike and then lock the rope in place to keep it from slipping and allowing your bike to crash to the garage floor.
  • Really Saves Garage Space- Users really like the amount of space this rack leaves not only on the floor,but the walls of your garage.
  • Works for More than Bikes- Users also like the fact that this hoist rack can be used to lift up more than bikes and get them out of the way of the floor.

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Bike Storage Rack (Holds 6 Bikes) by Monkeybar Storage
LeHigh Crawford Flip Up Storage Rack #FSR13
Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Rack
Stoneman Sports DBR 9161-CP Sparehand Q Rack Freestanding Adjustable 2-bike storage rack for all Frame Types (Chrome Finish)
RAD Cycle Products Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist for Garage Storage 100lb. Capacity Mountain Bike Hoist

Having a bike rack for your garage can help to provide you with more storage space in your garage, while keeping your bike in good condition, but you also are going to want to keep that bike safe from people who would appropriate your bike for their own leaving you without a bike or the money to replace it.