Basic Equipment Every College Student Should Have

ogio newt laptop backpacks for college studentsCollege can be extremely challenging for many students, which is as it should be.

However those challenges can be more manageable if college students have the right basic equipment.

Having the right tools to complete those last minute assignments and prepare your notes can make a huge difference between success and failure for a majority of students.

Here is some of the basic equipment every college student should have:

A Reliable Laptop Or Notebook Computer

A reliable computer is essential for today’s college students.

Many colleges actually post assignments and offer lectures online for students to view outside of class time.

Sometimes, assignments are expected to be done on the computer by students.

Having a computer available 24/7 allows students to get those assignments done, even when computer labs are closed for the night.

A Good Printer

The best printer for college students doesn’t need to be expensive or even in color.

A monochrome printer that will produce those notes and homework assignments is perfect for helping you to get that homework and studying done.


If you take any class in which you are required to do a good deal of writing, a hand Thesaurus is a must-have for students who want to turn in high quality papers.

A Thesaurus will help the average college student improve their writing skills by choosing different words to replace those words that are commonly used, and that are be a better fit for the subject you are writing about.

A Dictionary

Many people think that the spell check on a computer is sufficient for helping them to spell words correctly when writing documents and papers.

This really is not the case as a spell check will only catch misspelled words and not misused words.

For example, if you are writing a paper on a highway system and use the word “rode” in place of “road”, a spell check function will not pick up on the fact that the wrong word was used, as the spelling of “rode” is an acceptable spelling with a very different meaning.

So keeping a dictionary handy is essential for avoiding those small errors that can affect your overall grade when completing a written college assignment.

A Reliable Alarm Clock

While an alarm clock may seem like a simple piece of equipment, having a reliable alarm clock that has an alarm loud enough to hear is extremely important.

As a student, you need to be able to make your classes on time, and it is essential that no matter how late you have been up studying the night before that you don’t miss those exams.

Even if you use the alarm on your cell phone, having a separate alarm clock set to ring a few minutes after that cell phone alarm may mean the difference between making it to that final exam and sleeping through it.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Let’s face it, whether you live in a dorm full of other students or share an apartment with friends, there are going to be times when you need to have peace and quiet to study, while others around you are ready to socialize or party.

Consistent loud noises while you are trying to study can be extremely distracting, making it difficult for you to absorb the material you are studying and to do your best work.

While studying in the quiet of the library is an excellent choice for early evening studying, having noise canceling headphones for those late night study sessions just may improve those test grades dramatically.

The fact is, having these items of basic equipment will help you be more successful at your studies, because learning is not done in a vacuum nor does it happen at just certain hours of the day or night.

Having the right basic equipment ensures that you can study and complete assignments at anytime of the day or night.

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