Ball Launcher For Dogs Reviews

No matter what age or breed of dog you own, you know that your pooch needs both bonding time with you and exercise.

Playing fetch with your pet is a great way of combining both, and having a ball launcher for dogs will help you provide for more exercise for your dog without wearing you out.

Here is a look at some of the most popular dog ball launchers on the market:

Chuckit Classic 26M Launcher Review
Chuckit Ball Launcher (Various Sizes) Review
Hyper Ball Launcher Review
Nerf Ball Extendable Launcher Review
Kyjen 2447 Launch-A-Ball Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Fetch Toys Large Review
How To Teach Your Dog To Play Fetch With A Ball

Chuckit Classic 26M Launcher

chuckit classic 26m ball launcher for dogsThe Chuckit company opened its doors in 1998 as a company that makes fetch it toys for pets.

Their Chuckit Ball Launcher comes in various sizes and colors and is an extremely sought after pet toy.

Features of the Classic 26M Launcher include:

  • Original best selling ball launcher
  • No slobber hands free pick up
  • Can throw 3 times as far as by hand alone
  • Uses Medium 2.5” Chuckit balls but, also works with standard tennis balls

First Impressions

The Chuckit Ball Launcher for dogs is a simple flexible plastic piece with a cup like end that grips the ball.

One of the big selling points of this launcher is the fact that you don’t have to handle that slobbery ball.

Another huge advantage is that this ball launcher will make it easier for people with back, shoulder, or knee stiffness and injuries to play fetch with their pet.

You won’t have to bend over as far to pick up the ball, which will save stress on your back and knees.

Because you won’t need to throw the ball as hard using this lancer, you will save on over using your shoulder.

Another real benefit is that fact that since you can throw the ball further, you will have to throw it less often, and larger dogs will be able to get in a good amount of the exercise they need.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for this Chuckit Classic Dog Ball launcher are excellent with most people finding this launcher to be both useful and fun for playing with your dog.

While some people do find this launcher is a bit too long for their arm length, the majority of customers find it meets their needs well.

Here are the features that customers find most useful with this ball launcher:

  • Sturdy: Although this launcher is only plastic, some customers stated that they have owned it for years. Providing your dog doesn’t decide to chew on the launcher instead of the balls, this inexpensive toy should provide many hours of fun play for you and your dog.
  • Great For People With Mobility Problems: Customers with past injuries or arthritis stated that the Chuckit Ball Launcher allowed them to play with their dog, which helped them and their pet stay bonded.
  • Don’t Have To Touch A Slobbery Ball: Many of the customers appreciate the fact that they don’t actually have to handle that slobbery dirty ball that your dog has carried in it’s mouth, chewed, and rolled through dirt, sand, or goodness knows what else.
  • Gives Your Dog Important Exercise: Customers also like the fact that when using this ball launcher they can actually exercise their high energy dogs until they are tired out, helping them to be calmer and more well behaved when in the house.

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Chuckit Ball Launcher (Various Sizes)

chuckit mega, ultra, junior and pocket ball launchers for dogsAs mentioned in the previous review, Chuckit offer a variety of different fetch it toys, including ball launches in various sizes.

This review covers the Mega Ball Launcher, Pocket Ball Launcher, Junior Ball Launcher and Ultra Ball Launcher.

Features of these ball launchers include:

  • Different size ball launchers to meet different needs
  • All the launchers use 2.5” balls, with the exception of the Mega launcher which uses the 3” balls
  • Made of lightweight durable plastic
  • These ball launchers allow you to easily throw balls 2 to 3 times further than with your hand and arm alone

First Impressions

It’s nice that there are different sizes of ball launchers for dog owners to choose from, as this means that different owners can choose the size of launcher that is most comfortable to use or that fits their needs.

Some dog owners may want more than one size launcher, as the pocket launcher is ideal for easy carrying for that trip to the beach, or when camping, and the mega launcher may be a better choice for playing at home.

All of these launchers are quite durable, so durability of one launcher over the other should not be an issue.

What The Reviews Have To Say

As one would expect, the Chuckit Ball Launchers with different sizes combined gets excellent reviews.

Several customers do state that they wish these launchers came without the ball, as their dogs easily makes mincemeat of the included balls.

Other than that, customerrs love the way the launchers themselves function, and they have the following to say about them:

  • Mega Launcher Is Great For Large Energetic Dogs: Since the Mega Launcher uses 3” balls, owners of larger dog breeds find that this launcher is the best, because they worry about their dog choking on the smaller balls.
  • Ultra Launcher Really Lets You Throw The Ball Further: Customers who have highly energetic dogs really find the Ultra Launcher great, as it throws the ball further, giving their dogs a chance to really get a workout.
  • Pocket Ball Launcher Goes Anywhere: Although the Pocket Ball Launcher is not the first choice of people with mobility issues, those who want a “carry anywhere” ball launcher like it, since they can carry anywhere in their back pocket.
  • Junior Ball Launcher: This is the smaller version of the Chuckit 26M Launcher we reviewed above. Customers found it easy to stow and pack, and they stated that this launcher will allow you to throw the ball a good distance, and that it is suitable for smaller dogs.
  • Sturdy: No matter which ball launcher customers chose, they found the launcher sturdy and fun to use

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Hyper Ball Launcher

hyper pet ball launcher for dogsHyper Pet have for the last 30 years been a private supplier of pet products, covering a broad range of products.

The Hyper Ball Launcher is basically a sling shot for balls that when used is fun for your dog to fetch.

Features of this launcher include:

  • Hands free ball playing
  • Patented design lets you shoot the ball in any direction, making things more interesting
  • Shoots balls up to 220 feet
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with 4 tennis balls
  • Dimensions 25” X 20” X 8”

First Impressions

This is a large sling shot type ball launcher that may take a bit of a learning curve to get used to it.

However, once you learn how to use it effectively, it can be great fun for both you and your canine.

The fact that this launcher comes with 4 balls means that you can spend hours playing with your dog immediately.

What The Reviews Have To Say

The Hyper ball Launcher gets good reviews, but several customers did discover that the tube used to launch the ball tends to break fairly easily.

While you can purchase replacement tubes, they are no sturdier than the original.

However, the majority of the customers did like this ball launcher and they cited the following features as being advantageous:

  • Shoots Balls A Good Distance: Customers are impressed with the distance this launcher gets, and they find it perfect, both for having your dog fetch on land and in the water. There is little doubt that your pet gets good exercise when they use this launcher.
  • Launches Ball High As Well Ss Far: Unlike many ball launchers that tend to sling the ball downward, this launcher can shoot the ball high in the air, as well as across a large distance. This allows more bounce on the ball and more fun for your pet.
  • Replacement Tubes Available: Customers also like the fact that when the tube on this launcher breaks or wears out, you don’t have to throw the entire launcher away.

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Nerf Ball Extendable Launcher

nerf pets ball launcher for dogsNerf Pets is part of the Hasbro Corporation which produces a number of safe and high quality retrieving toys for pets.

The Nerf Ball Extendable Launcher helps you throw that ball further so that your pet can have more fun time playing fetch while getting their exercise.

Features of this ball launcher include:

  • Extendable tennis ball launcher
  • Allows for hands free pick up of wet and dirty balls
  • Launches ball up to 250 feet
  • Tennis ball included with launcher
  • Green and black color
  • Measures 10.2” long

First Impressions

Nerf is a popular name in toys, both for children and pets.

This ball launcher looks to be reasonably sturdy and easy to use, and it will allow for many hours of fun play between you and your pet.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find any reviews whatsoever for this ball launcher.

The one that can be found gives this launcher tops marks and the customer does say it helps them throw the ball more efficiently, but gives very little other information.

However, other Nerf dog fetch toys get high marks from customers who feel this company’s toys are both fun and durable.

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Kyjen 2447 Launch-A-Ball Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Fetch Toys Large

kyjen 2447 ball launcher for dogsKyjen was one of the first companies to make plush toys for dogs.

Since then this company has gone on to make a number of different pet , including travel products and fetch toys.

The Kyjen 2447 Launch A Ball Tennis Ball Launcher is a fetch toy that makes playing fetch with your dog more fun.

Features of this ball launcher include:

  • Energy multiplying shaft that allows you to throw the ball further
  • Slobber free
  • Measures 27” X 2.6” X 2.8”

First Impressions

The Kyjen Launch A Ball is a simple ball launching device that consists of a colorful curved and flexible handle with a ball cup at the end.

When picking up the ball, you can simply set the cup over the ball and use a bit of pressure from your foot to push the ball into the cup.

It is then a simple matter of bringing the ball back over your shoulder and whipping it forward.

You do have to make sure that you don’t aim downward, but throw outward.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Kyjen Ball Launcher are exceptionally good, with customers finding this launcher both fun and useful when playing fetch with their favorite pooch.

Here’s what customers have to say regarding this ball launcher:

  • Pretty Durable: Despite being flexible plastic, this ball launcher holds up well to use over an extended period of time.
  • Fits Any Standard Tennis Ball: Since this ball launcher doesn’t require any special balls, you won’t ever have to pay excess for balls that get lost or that your dog chews up.
  • Fun To Use: Customers find that not only does this launcher make playing fetch more fun for their pet, but more fun for them too! One customer even suggested that you could use this launcher to play fetch with the kids as well.

While a ball launcher for dogs is a great way of exercising your dog, it only works if your dog learns how to play fetch and enjoys doing so.

Teaching your dog to pay fetch will allow you to spend bonding time with your dog while he gets all the healthy exercise that he needs.

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How To Teach Your Dog To Play Fetch With A Ball

Dogs actually enjoy learning new things and they love to run and play, so teaching them to play fetch will challenge them both mentally and physically.

This will aid in their overall health and behavior, as an engaged dog is less likely to indulge in destructive behaviors.

Here’s how to teach your dog how to fetch a ball in 5 easy steps:

Step One: Introduce The Ball To Your Dog

The first step in teaching your dog to play fetch with a ball is to avoid using those ball launchers during the initial phases, and to simply focus on getting them interested in playing with the ball.

Choose a ball that your dog can easily grip in his mouth, but one that is not so small that he could choke on it.

You are also going to want to have a pocketful of small treats on hand to reward your dog when he does what he is supposed to do.

Step Two: Use The Ball Itself To Gain His Attention

Dogs have a natural curiosity, so it should be easy to use the ball itself to gain your dogs attention.

Try showing the dog it’s ball and if he shows little interest, then bounce it, or try moving the ball in a circle in front of his face to gain his attention.

Once you get the dog interested in the ball, then move on to the next step.

Step Three: Use The Word “Fetch” To Get Him Used To Instructions

While holding the dogs attention with the ball, say “fetch”, and throw the ball a short distance.

If your dog doesn’t chase and fetch the ball, then repeat these first three steps until he understands what he needs to do.

Step Four: Getting Your Dog To Bring The Ball Back

Chances are, once your dog actually picks up the ball, he won’t be sure what he is supposed to do next.

If he doesn’t bring it back immediately, try calling him back.

Once he brings the ball back to you, offer him a treat to get him to drop the ball and praise him.

You can then repeat the process for as long as your dog feels interested in playing.

However, if he doesn’t seem to catch onto fetching the ball fairly quickly, then shorten the lesson to about 5 minutes or so, and allow him to play with the ball on his own and pick up the lesson again later in the day or another day.

Eventually, your dog will start dropping the ball without being offered a treat, simply so he can chase it again, and at this stage you can then introduce using a ball launcher to throw the ball further.

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